Canoe Stabilizers

If you landed on this page then you are probably thinking about getting canoe stabilizers. Some people might wonder why you need them and we’ll tell you. People love to hunt, fish and just paddle in their canoe but some people aren’t as good at navigating a canoe and in order to truly enjoy your day, you might need some canoe stabilizers.

Canoe stabilizers will make sure that safety is a priority when you’re on the water. This is especially true when you are taking the family out for a trip on the lake or river. Those that don’t have as much experience with canoeing can use the extra support and this way, they’ll have a much better time while out on the water.

Even though it seems like the search for canoe stabilizers might be easy, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. This is why we’ve created this list of some of the best canoe stabilizers in 2019. Every product we list has been rated highly and is high quality in terms of construction and durability. We hope that by reading our product descriptions and list of features that you’ll feel more informed before you buy your own canoe stabilizers. Enjoy!

Spring Creek Manufacturing Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer Float Package

Spring Creek Manufacturing offers incredible float stabilizer packages to offer you the comfort and safety you look for on the water. These stabilizers are made of lightweight, durable Polyethylene plastic. They are easy to use, keep your canoe upright, stable and they’re universal. They can extend to up to 20 inches both way. You’ll be impressed by the ease of use in this product and they’ll prove to be one of the best stabilizer products out there right now. While not the cheapest product on the market, these stabilizers will last. They are a solid investment and we think you’ll be happy with the purchase.


– Made of lightweight and durable Polyethylene plastic
– These stablizers can extend to up to 20 inches in each direction
– Minimal drag with their hydrodynamic design
– Three different color options that include red, yellow and grey
– Universal receiver sizing

Meter Star Inflatable Outrigger

If you’re looking for an affordable option in terms of outriggers or stabilizers, the outrigger by Meter Star is a great option. When you purchase, it comes with minimal packaging and no instructions. However, these are very easy to figure out and you’ll notice the solid construction of thick PVC that makes the float feel very sturdy and firm. I comes with 4 large patches for potential holes. However, you’ll have to look online if you need to know how to use these patches. Overall, you’re getting a solid product for the price.


– Comes with 4 repair patches for any punctures
– Perfect for kayaks, boats, canoes, fishing and paddling
– Lightweight and inflatable design allows these outriggers to be easy to store and transport
– Durable and lightweight. Weighing 2.6 lbs
– Adjustable float height with a simple twist and click

WINUS Inflatable Outriggers

This durable outrigger set is made of PVC material and they measure at around 35″ x 11″. They come with rods made of aluminum alloy that measure just under 40″. This outrigger set is great for the outdoor enthusiast and offers a secure locking ferrule on the end, dual valves for easy inflation and deflation, in addition to all the hardware needed to put it together. This stabilizer package looks great, is functional and will cost you under $100.


– These have a secure locking ferrule on the end
– Included in this package is stainless steel hardware
– Strong and durable aluminum alloy rod
– Easy inflation and deflation with dual valves
– This sidekick works well with kayak outriggers

Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System

The Lixada PVC Inflatable Float Stabilizer System is a product that is brought to you by the company Lixada. This stabilizer system works great for kayaks, canoes, or inflatable fishing boats. With an inflatable flotation device on either end of the stabilizing bar, this allows you to have much more balance on your watercraft. Comfortably sit in any position on your canoe or kayak without worrying about tipping over. These stabilizers are easy to inflate and takes only minutes to set up. If you are out on the waters all day fishing, this stabilizer will help you keep your balance if you reel in a big one. Standing up in your canoe or kayak has never been easier with this lightweight, inflatable stabilizer.


– Easy to inflate
– Provides extra balance
– Perfect for standing up
– Great to maintain your balance while fishing
– Comes with 2 repair patches

Brocraft Stabilizer System With Power Lock Rod Holder

The Brocraft Stabilizer System With Power Lock Rod Holder is a product that is brought to you by the company Brocraft. With 32 inch arms extending to the sides of your watercraft, there are tough and durable PVC floats that will help stabilize your canoe, kayak, or inflatable boat. With stainless steel hardware, you will not have to worry about the steel ever rusting or being hard to removed. With a 2 year limited warranty, Brocraft stands behind their product knowing you will be completely satisfied. Take this stabilizer with you on your next fishing trip and see how your game improves. Use this stabilizer to stand up easier in your watercraft without worrying about tipping over.


– Durable and long lasting PVC material to keep you stabilized at all times
– Power lock rod holder to assure you the stabilizer will not come loose
– Mounting hardware is made from stainless steel
– 32 inch long aluminum Outrigger arms to attach to watercraft
– 2 year limited warranty

Yak-Gear Outriggers Stabilizing System

The Yak-Gear Outriggers Stabilizer System is a product that is brought to you by the company Yak-Gear. This stabilizing system is perfect for anyone that is a beginner at riding canoes and kayaks. The system allows you to sit or stand comfortably in any position while you are out on the water. Use this stabilizer while you fish so you do not lose your form or composure due to being too heavy on one side. This lightweight stabilizer is easy to transport and easy to set up and connect to your watercraft. Do not worry about tipping over and falling in the water with this stabilizer, you will maintain perfect balance at all times.


– Perfect for new paddlers
– Lightweight and easy to set up
– Sit in any position without tipping over
– Great for taking out to fish
– Durable and strong material will last for years to come

Canoe Outriggers Stabilizers with Orange Floats

The Canoe Outriggers Stabilizers with Orange Floats are a product that is brought to you by the company Inspired By Nature. These stabilizers are made with a tough and durable PVC material that is both lightweight and easy to transport. With stainless steel hardware, you will not have to worry about any rust or weak hardware. Take this stabilizer with you on any occasion, these are great for being on the water fishing all day or for just taking your watercraft out for a cruise. Attach these stabilizers to both sides of your canoe or kayak for a strong and sturdy ride.


– Made with strong and durable PVC material
– Built to last you for years to come
– Bright orange floaters for visibility
– Locking clamp to attach to your canoe
– Stainless steel mounting hardware
– Perfect for beginners or to take out fishing

Scotty #302 Stabilizer System

The Scotty #302 Stabilizer System is a product that is brought to you by the company Scotty. This unique stabilizer system is perfect for anyone that takes their kayaks, canoes, or other small water crafts out on the water for hours at a time. Included with this stabilizer system comes 2 inflatable pontoons, 2 28 inch anodized arms, and 4 locking combination side and deck mounts. This stabilizer system is great for taking out on the water to fish with, you will be able to stand up or sit down in whatever position you desire while the stabilizing system is in place. The inner blades are easy to inflate and takes only minutes to get started.


– New locking mounts make installing and detaching the stabilizing system quick and easy
– PVC coated outer shell material with durable inner paddle
– Offers 30 pounds of extra buoyancy
– Includes stabilizer kit
– Maintains your balance