First Base Gloves

When you play first base, you’re going to see a lot of action. You’re going to need a glove that is going to help you to make plays and to beat the other team. In all honesty, first base might be the most involved position in baseball. You’re fielding your position, taking throws from other infielders, grabbing pick off attempts and generally being the cornerstone of the infield. It’s a unique position with a unique glove. The design of the first base glove is designed for functionality and it isn’t made to be a fashion statement.

Because the player manning first base gets more throws that any other position player outside the catcher and they don’t have to make many ball transfers, these gloves have a deep pocket that can withstand the plethora of baseballs that fly into the mitt. There is an open style web with a single or dual post that allows you to scoop low throws without pulling up a bunch of dirt in the process.

That said, there are a lot of options one there when it comes to first base gloves. If this is your first time purchasing one or want to make sure you have one that will last, this post is for you. We have put together a list of some of the best first base gloves and mitts out there. These are all well reviewed and highly rated. We hope it helps.

Easton ECG3DBT

The Easton ECG3DBT is a great option for the budget shopper. For just around $60 you can get a quality first baseman mitt that won’t break the bank or your hand. With the Easton Core Pro series, you are guaranteed quality and performance from a mitt that keeps performing well year after year. This glove has been tanned to be game ready and really soft. This means that break in time is at a minimum and you can get out on the field right away to scoop those balls out of the dirt or snag a line drive. With the professional pattern, you get an oiled leather palm that gives you long lasting preservation as well as a secure fit. Great mitt to start off with overall.


– Game ready and super soft with Diamond Pro Steerhide that is tanned
– Palm liner is leather and hand oiled
– Welting is rolled leather
– Rawhide laces give 100 lbs tensile strength
– Professional web designs and patterns

Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6

The Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 First Base Baseball Mitt is another fantastic mitt from the trusted Mizuno company. They have been very involved in creating high quality baseball and softball equipment for many years now and they kept it up with this product. The MVP Prime Special Edition mitts by Mizuno have color pop designs that are coupled with innovation. That is the perfect combination for any glove on the diamond. This mitt has a two piece closed web, a premium look with the embroidered logo that sits under the open back. This is a quality first base mitt that is already broken in for the most part. This will allow you to get out on the field and make some plays right away.


– Perfect balance of softness and oil for a smooth leather that will feel great and give you firm control
– Lace used on this glove is professional level
– Embroidered, outlined logo for a premium and rich look
– Color pop designs that make this glove look great and stand out

All Star System 7 Baseball First Baseman’s Mitt

The All Star System 7 Baseball First Baseman’s Mitt is a quality mitt that not only looks great but is really well made. This mitt is made with high quality leather and has a quick break in time. All Star designs their gloves to break in fast and form a pocket that will feel great when you are snagging throws. It’s also got Pro Guard Padding that helps kill the sting that you might feel from a ball not caught cleanly. The padding is thin enough to know where the ball is located, but also not too thin to where you would hurt your hand.


– Fast break in times
– High quality Japanese Maruhashi leather
– Pro Guard padding for feel and comfort

Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st Base Baseball Glove

Wilson continues to build quality baseball products and they didn’t stop when they created the A2000 MC24. This is the Miguel Cabrera game model that will have you playing first base like one of the best in the game. This is a 12” mitt that offers supreme feel and quality. The Pro Stock Select leather is already broken in nicely and offers long lasting durability at the same time. This is a well-made glove that looks great. It’s actually great for both baseballs and softballs because of the double break feature.


– 12 inches
– Double heel break design
– Great break in and durability with Pro Sock Select leather
– Drilex wrist lining for a dry and cool hand

Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove Series First Base Mitt

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove Series comes in a variety of sizes as well as for both hands. This glove can be had for a little over $200 which might be a little rich for some, but you won’t have to buy another glove for years. This is an Anthony Rizzo game day model of glove that has a great look and feel with full grain, premium kip leather. The break in percentage is at around 30% so you’ll have to do the rest of the work but once it is broken in, you’ll feel how special this glove is. It’s built to last with unmatched comfort. In addition to the comfort, you get extra protection with padded thumb loops.


– Anthony Rizzo model
– 100% wool padding aids in shape retention and pocket formation
– Moisture is wicked away with soft Pittards sheepskin palm lining
– Strength and durability with Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces
– Padded thumb sleeve