Youth Catcher’s Gear

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Some have wondered why catcher’s gear has been called “tools of ignorance.” It is called this because most parents have no idea what they are buying, what it does and what it’s for. We understand this is an issue so we wanted to offer all the parents out there a little bit of buying advice in terms of youth catcher’s gear.

However, there are is a plethora of sizes, styles, brands, price points and designs that make shopping for youth catcher’s gear quite the task. The first thing that parents should understand is what is considered to be catcher’s gear and what it involves. There are three parts to the equipment that a catcher needs to be safe behind the plate (four if you count the jock strap) and those are the chest protector, shin guards and the catcher’s helmet.

The catcher’s mask is there to protect the face and head from found balls, wild swings and wild pitches. The chest protector protects the body from the same potential problems of swings and wild balls. Lastly, the shin guards are a requirement to protect the legs, shins, knees and ankles from impacts with the plate, missed pitches and knee pain from dropping in the dirt to scoop a wild pitch.

That said, we know it can be a struggle to find the right pieces of equipment. For these reasons, we put a list together of some of the best youth catcher’s gear of 2021. All of these are highly rated and will protect your child from the wear and tear of a baseball game. As long as you have a good fit, your child should be all set.

MacGregor Junior Catcher Gear Pack – Royal

The MacGregor Junior Catcher Gear Pack in royal blue is an affordable and functional set of youth catcher’s gear for the year of 2019. This set of catcher’s gear is made for children ages 5 to 8. It comes with an adjustable catcher’s helmet with a 4 inch throat protector, junior double knee leg guards and the Mcb75 junior chest protector. Most that have worn this have talked about possible sizing issues so make sure you look at the measurements before you order but outside of that, you are going to get an affordable and high quality set of youth catcher’s gear when you purchase the MacGregor Junior Cather Gear Pack.


– Color is royal blue
– Catcher’s helmet is hockey style
– MCB75 junior chest protector is two colored and padded for safety
– Junior double knee leg guards
– Comes with 4 inch throat protector
– Made for kids ages 5 through 8

All-Star Youth League Series Catchers Gear Sets Ages 9-12

The All-Star Youth League Series Catchers Gear Sets is a step up in catcher’s gear for the kids and have three different models made for ages 7 through 9 and 9 through 12. Choose your sizes accordingly and then enjoy the benefits of this fantastic set of youth catcher’s gear. This set includes a lightweight chest protector that was made with safety and mobility in mind, a catcher’s helmet and leg guards that will keep the lower extremities safe. They also features hook and loop adjustment features to make sure the gear is snug and comfortable on your little catcher.


– Three models are available for different ages
– Package comes with helmet, leg guards and chest protector
– Helmet is made with durable and tough ABS plastic
– I-Bar Visiona face cage improves safety and vision

Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

The Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set is a great youth catcher’s gear set for new catcher and is made for kids from ages 9 to 12. The Black Magic Helmet that comes in this package offers a full face mask with head impact protection with a durable and strong steel cage with ABS shell. Your child will get the benefits of a lock down closure system on the helmet to make sure it is secure and easy to use. The leg guards have a double kneecap design for mobility and a protective PE shin plate design. The chest protector offers the use a double back adjustment apparatus that coupled with a Velcro closure piece that makes sure that it fits your child as they grow.


– Great set of catcher’s gear for beginners
– Black Magic Chest Protector is 14 inches
– Black Magic Helmet is 6 – 7 inches
– Black Magic Leg Guards are 12.7 inches

Mizuno Boy’s Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers Gear

Mizuno is well known for making quality baseball gear and they continued the trend with the Mizuno Boy’s Youth Samurai Box Set Catchers Gear. This set is going to run around $200 and for that price, you know you are getting a great set of youth catcher’s gear. If you’ve been around the game for a while, you will see kids’ gear come and go. It breaks, stretches and become useless over time. This gear will stand the test of time and is extremely durable. Your child won’t even flinch when he sees that ball coming because they will know they are really protected. This confidence translates into better play and a happier child.


– Youth Helmet measures 6.5 inches to 7.25 inches
– Youth Shin Guards measure at 14.5 inches
– Chest Protector measures at 14 inches
– Comes with gear bag but does not include mitt or ball

Under Armour Game Ready Catcher’s Kit

The Under Armour Game Ready Catcher’s Kit comes with everything your child will need in one fantastic package. It comes in four different color schemes and includes the catcher’s helmet, chest protector, knee shields, throat protector, knee protectors and a carrying bag. That said, your child will be opening this package and getting ready to hit the diamond in no time. You can count on this package from Under Armour to deliver quality in a package. Check the sizing charts to make sure you are getting the right size but this set of catcher’s gear comes in three different sizes. These include 7 to 9, 9 to 12 and 12 to 16.


– Chest protector
– Catcher’s helmet
– Shin and knee guards
– Throat protector