Catcher’s Masks

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

The catcher’s position is one of the most difficult and respected positions in baseball and softball. It asks a lot of player sitting behind the plate. The risk of taking damage from balls, bats and general wear and tear on the body are risks that not everyone is willing to take. However, if they are ready to take that risk, you want to make sure you or your child are using the best equipment as possible and one of the most important pieces of catcher’s equipment to consider is the catcher’s helmet.

A catcher’s helmet needs to fit right and fit comfortably. Finding a catcher’s helmet that fits the needs of what you need the most is imperative. It is consistently being taken off and put back on past balls, or between pitcher’s and innings. It takes a lot of abuse so making sure you have a good one is important.

There are two different kinds of catcher’s helmets to consider when you are buying one. First is the traditional style that usually has three straps. One of the straps is on top and used to adjust the placement of the mask on the face while the other two adjust the snugness of the mask. It is worn with an earless helmet worn backwards and is preferred in higher levels of baseball. It might be banned for younger players. The hockey style is generally a safer catcher’s helmet to use and is best for kids. It might sacrifice a bit of vision but is a safer helmet.

That being said, you need to find the one that works for your and we want to help. This is why we’ve created this list of some of the best catcher’s masks out there.

Champro Catcher’s Mask

The Champro Catcher’s Mask is a traditional style catcher’s mask made to fit over an earless baseball helmet worn backwards. For just under $30 you can get your hands on this high quality catcher’s mask. It does a great job of wicking away the moisture with its Ergo-Fit moisture wicking pads. This mask also has throat and ear extensions to protect the catcher above and to the sides of the face cage. This mask weighs 27 oz and comes in the color black.

Some have said the synthetic pads aren’t as comfortable as leather pads so you might want to go up a level if that’s what you’re looking for. However, this is great for amateurs, dads or umpires.


– Synthetic Ergo-Git pads and solid wire frame
– Weight comes in at 27 oz.
– Throat and ear extensions for extra safety

Easton Speed Elite Traditional Catcher’s Facemask

For around $65, you can get your hands on the Easton Speed Elite Traditional Catcher’s Facemask. You can go old school with this traditional style facemask that allows the catcher to quickly throw it off while being durable enough to handle all the abuse it will take. The mask was designed with a string cage to allow a fantastic field of vision. The foam that is lined on the inside of the mask will absorb energy and wick the moisture away for maximum comfort and protection against everything a catcher might deal with. This mask is soft, strong and light which makes it perfect for the player looking for an edge.


– String cage offers maximum level of field vision
– Comes in royal, red, navy and black
– Baseball facemask that will fit over earless helmet

Mizuno Men’s Classic Catcher’s Mask G2

The Mizuno Men’s Classic Catcher’s Mask G2 is another catcher’s masks that earned its way to being one of our favorites of 2019. This mask comes in royal, black, navy and red colors so it will go with almost any team color scheme. Outside of the aesthetics, this catcher’s mask will be your best friend out on the field. This mask is very durable, comfortable and lightweight. It holds up well and will take very fast pitches off the mask with minimal shock. The straps have been said to be a little short when wrapping around a shell, but outside of that, this is a very solid and high quality catcher’s mask.


– Will provide the protect you need while staying lightweight
– Lightweight feel comes from strong steel bars with hollow construction
– Built in throat protector
– Get a soft feel and moisture control with natural cowhide leather jaw pad

Mizuno G4 Samurai Catcher’s Helmet

The Mizuno G4 Samurai Catcher’s Helmet is a hockey style helmet that provides ultimate protection and comfort. It features an innovative build that offers comfort, durability and a lightweight performance. It has great ventilation and breathability so you’ll stay cool under pressure while the steel frame give you maximum durability and protection. The adjustable jaw pad gives the catcher a soft feel and moisture control. The field of vision might not be as good as if this were a traditional style helmet but it is worth it when you talk about how safe this helmet is. Overall, it’s great in hot weather and will make you feel safe and protected behind the plate.


– Comfort and breathability with strategic ventilation system
– Foam padding is EVA and comes in three layers
– Max durability and protection with strong steel framed mask
– Soft feel and control with adjustable jaw pads
– Meets NOCSAE standards

Rawlings Sporting Goods Catchers Helmet Velo Series

The Rawlings Sporting Goods Catchers Helmet Velo Series Adult 7 1/8-7 3/4 inch CHVEL comes in at just under $100. This catcher’s helmet comes in a variety of colors to match almost any color scheme you’d like. It has an ABS shell that will lessen the impact of bats and balls to the face and it has an updated interior padding with Pro Dri Plus moisture wicking features for more comfort and a better fit. The back plate is adjustable allowing you to make the helmet fit perfectly and it’s got 15 vents to allow for maximum air flow and comfort.


– Impact resistant cage
– Two tone matte color scheme
– Meets NOCSAE standards
– Made of the highest quality materials
– ABS shell for impact resistance
– Pro Dri Plus moisture wicking technology