Deon Jackson Stats

Jackson is rushing for 10.7 yards on the ground per game thus far in his career. He has run for 2 touchdowns with a long carry of 17 yards. His average yds per carry is at 3.3 and he’s carried the ball 81 total times. Deon Jackson has rushed for 267 yards on the ground in 25 games played in his career.

Jackson has accumulated 236 yds carrying the ball in 16 games this season. His YPC is 3.5 and he has carried the ball 68 total times this season. He has run for 1 touchdown this season with the longest carry being for 17 yards. He is running for 14.8 yards on the ground per game.

Deon Jackson Stats


2022 Stats for Deon Jackson

StatValueNFL Rank
Games Started2199th
Rushing Attempts6871st
Rushing Yards23682nd
Rushing Touchdowns195th
Longest Run17150th
Rushing Yards Per Attempt3.5223rd
Rushing Yards Per Game14.8106th

2021 Stats for Deon Jackson

StatValueNFL Rank
Games Started0298th
Rushing Attempts13156th
Rushing Yards31200th
Rushing Touchdowns1131st
Longest Run10228th
Rushing Yards Per Attempt2.4286th
Rushing Yards Per Game3.4195th