Elevation Training Mask

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Improving your breathing levels, lung strength, and having a strong diaphragm and respiratory system is important to athletes in any sport. If you are on a serious path of conditioning yourself and toughening up your respiratory system and body as a whole, elevation training masks may be the exact thing you are looking for. Not only do elevation training masks improve your entire core and help you control your breathing, they will get your entire body in shape as you are working out for the sheer fact you are now limited to your breathing, you are working different muscles inside and outside your body to get the full deep breath that you need.

These masks are also necessary to go out and train with if you plan on going on mountain hikes at high elevations. Training with one of these masks beforehand can greatly reduce any fatigue or shortage of breath you may feel up on the mountains. Elevation training masks are absolutely the best way to improve your breathing methods and give you the best workout of your life. Down below are different elevation training masks from some of the highest rated companies on the market.

Sparthos Workout Mask – High Altitude Training Simulation

The Sparthos Workout Mask is a product brought to you by the company Sparthos. This high altitude training mask is perfect for those who are training to expand their breathing abilities. The Sparthos workout mask is light as it is durable. The mask itself has a perfect fit for your face with a soft strap to wrap around the back of your head. Customize your level of breathing by adjusting the airflow intensity


– Workouts will be more intense, you will find proven results in half the time
– Mask will force you to take deeper breaths, challenging and working out your lungs
– Great for any types of working out, running, cycling, and hiking
– A total of 16 different breathing levels to increase intensity
– Simulates high altitudes

MokenEye Training Mask

The MokenEye Training Mask is a product that is brought to you by the company MokenEye. This mask is perfect for anyone that is looking to improve their workouts. This mask will fit most everyone’s face and has an adjustable strap that goes around your head for it to stay in place without slipping, or being too tight.


– Made with silica gel, cotton, and elastic fabric, it sits comfortably against the face
– Six different air flow gages, going from an easier breath to a much harder one
– Running, cycling, indoor and outdoor activities
– Improves lung capacity with deeper breaths

Training Mask 2.0 Elevation Training Mask

The 2.0 Elevation Training Mask is a mask that is brought to you by the company TRAININGMASK. This training and elevation mask is great for any athlete. If you are in a competitive sport or just training to be the best person you can be, this mask will help you with whatever it is you will need to achieve. Breathing is key in pretty much every sport, without having the capability of taking deep breaths, chances are your game will be off. This product will increase your respiratory system as well as toughen up your diaphragm. You will see a noticeable difference in your training after using this mask.


– Forces you to take deep breaths
– Toughens your core and diaphragm
– Increases anaerobic thresholds
– Comfortable head strap will not irritate or slip from your face
– Increases lung capacity

Vikingstrength Training Fitness Oxygen Mask

The Vikingstrength Training Fitness Oxygen Mask is a product that is brought to you by the company Vikingstrength. Much like the companies name, this mask will be sure to give you the viking strength you may need for whatever activity it is you partake in. This mask will not only greatly increase your lung capacity and lung strength, it is sure to get you in shape. Working out with this mask for only half the time you normally work out will show amazing results. Feel as if you are on top of a mountain with this mask, decreased air flow will force you to take deeper breaths.


– Work muscles harder as you take deeper breaths
– 16 different resistance levels for you to improve step by step
– Burns more calories when working out
– Increases your stamina and fatigue levels
– Fits mostly everyone from the weight of 120 pounds to 230 pounds

FRIORANGE Sport Workout Training Mask

The FRIORANGE Sport Workout Training Mask is a mask that is brought to you by the company FRIORANGE. This mask is perfect for any athlete that is trying to improve their game to the best they can. This mask has 3 different air levels for you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Not only does it have 3 different air levels, you can adjust the levels without taking the mask off. Once you master all levels of this mask, you will be able to take on whatever elevation you may need to climb.


– Made of non toxic silicone body with an adjustable strap
– Non slip material will assure the mask will not fall from your face
– Material will help decrease skin irritation and allergic reactions
– Be prepared for extreme training
– Train anywhere as if you are at a high elevation at ground level

Resistance Workout Training Mask

The Resistance Workout Training Mask is a mask that is brought to you by the company CARDIO KING. With a company name called CARDIO KING, this product is sure to live up to its name. This mask will greatly improve your cardio and increase your lung capacity, making you go harder and further than ever before when it comes to your workouts. This mask has a sleek design and is as comfortable as it is durable. The mask itself is lightweight and easy to move around in. improve your athletic abilities with this mask, guaranteed to show improvement after just a couple days of working out.


– Great for diaphragm training
– Forces you to take deep breaths
– Improves lung strength and increases lung capacity
– Works out muscles giving you a tough core
– Fits just about everyone, head strap is sold separately
– Reduce your workout time by working out twice as hard with this mask on