Foam Rollers

Foam roller shave become essential for people who are training in mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and many other combat sports. A huge part of combat sport training is muscle recovery, and some people say that there isn’t a better product on the planet than the foam roller to do just that. Regardless of whether you are new to combat sports or you are a seasoned pro, you will want to add in some foam roller exercises into your regimen, which means you’ll need to find a good, dependable foam roller!

It’s important to know that using foam rollers can cause some pain, but the best rollers are the ones that minimize the pain while still getting the job done. The good ones roll smoothly, have enough give to keep you balanced, and also are soft enough to keep the discomfort to a minimum. Most of all, the top foam rollers are fantastic at injury prevention, especially if the exercises are done regularly after you are done with your workouts.

Rather than searching through the hundreds of foam rollers that are out there right now, take a look at the list below. All of these foam rollers are known for being easy to use and they will last you years. They all have their own features, though, so be sure to read through all of the information provided below before you decide which foam roller is best for you.

Rolling With It Professional Grade Premium EVA Foam Roller

You’re not going to find Rolling With It on many other lists of top combat sport training equipment, but that’s okay in this case because they actually focus on making premium foam rollers. These rollers are made to last thanks to their sturdy eco-friendly materials. They also have a very nice textured material so both experienced and beginner users will have no trouble using it right away. The Rolling With It foam roller also comes in multiple sizes, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. On top of all of that, the unique blue look is quite attractive.


– Made of eco-friendly EVA materials
– Textured back for better grip
– Doesn’t flake, chip, or lose shape over time
– Improves muscle mobility
– Used for physical therapy, exercise, and rehab
– 6 inches wide
– Three lengths to choose from (13, 18, and 36 inches)

USA Foam Roller Extra Firm High Density Foam Roller

The USA Foam Roller is yet another product made by a company that focuses on one line so they can give their customers the best of the best. These foam rollers are molded in a polypropylene foam, which is the firmest material used for these types of rollers. What that means to you is that you can get rid of pain quickly while also knowing that your roller will be able to stand the test of time. These aren’t flashy foam rollers by any means, but they were built to get the job done every time they are used, which is all that really matters.


– Created using molded polypropylene foam technology
– Extra firm foam roller
– Made specifically to relieve muscle tightness
– Three lengths to choose from (12, 18, and 36 inches)
– 5 different color options
– 3 year warranty
– Made in the United States

CanDo Heavy Duty EVA Foam Roller

The CanDo Heavy Duty Foam Roller is recognized as being one of the best foam rollers that people can buy both because of the materials used and the fact that so many people have successfully used one to relieve their pain. The EVA foam used inside of them ensures that they are firm while also being soft to the touch. They offer these rollers in two distinct shapes so you can choose the one that makes sense for your needs. Also, these are some of the most affordable foam rollers out on the market right now, so it’s not surprising that so many people buy them.


– Made of eco-friendly EVA materials
– Soft to the touch, but provides firm support when being used
– Long-lasting durability
– Specifically made for CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, and other exercise activities
– Two different styles – Half Round and Full Round
– Attractive marbled blue finish
– Two lengths to choose from (12 inches and 36 inches)

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

Don’t let the brand name fool you because this AmazonBasics foam roller is popular for a reason. The EPP materials used provide users with a firm, deep massage thanks to its high density make-up. It’s also one of the more portable foam rollers that you can buy as it is extremely lightweight compared to other top foam rollers. An added bonus is that these rollers come in a bunch of very cool color combinations so you can work out or recover in style.


– Created with molded polypropylene foam
– Provides deeper massage than standard foam rollers
– Able to maintain shape even after many heavy uses
– Lightweight
– Four lengths to choose from (12, 18, 24, and 36 inches)
– 7 different color options

321 STRONG Foam Roller

Easily the most unique looking foam roller on the market, the 321 STRONG foam roller stands out from the back because of all of those grid marks. Each side of the roller has a different grid, so you can choose to get the type of massage that you want. It’s meant to feel like fingers giving you a deep tissue massage, which you’re just not going to get from most of the other foam rollers on this list. On top of all of that, the 321 STRONG foam roller is also just one pound, making it very portable.


– Made of eco-friendly EVA materials
– Unique triple grid 3D massage design which mimics classic hand massages
– Medium density, making it a great foam roller for beginners
– Just one pound, so very travel friendly
– 12.75 inches x 5.25 inches
– 8 different color options
– Includes helpful eBook