3 Person Kayaks

Last Updated on February 24, 2024

3 person kayaks have gained in popularity in recent years thanks to companies putting more of them out and more people wanting to go out on the water as threesomes rather than as twosomes. 3 person kayaks are made to give each person plenty of room to maneuver while also still being easy to control when out on the water.

There are some things you should think about before you choose a 3 person kayak to buy. The first thing you need to figure out is what your budget is so you can narrow down your choices right away. You also want to decide if you want a sit-in kayak or a sit-on-top kayak. Lastly, you’ll want to think about the shape and size that you want since those things will affect what the kayak can carry and the type of handling you’ll get from it.

There really aren’t that many 3 person kayaks out there, but we have found five that should be able to get the job done for you. All of these kayaks fit three people comfortably and are excellent for fishing or any other type of kayaking activity. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get nice kayak regardless of which one you choose, but it’s a good idea to look over the similarities and differences between the five to increase your chances of getting the exact 3 person kayak that you want.

Enjoy this list of some of the best 3 person kayaks of the year.

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Unlike most of the other kayaks on this list, the Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak was made specifically for three people to use. It has three comfortable seats that give everyone plenty of room to maneuver, and it was designed to give three people perfectly equal weight distribution. A nice unique safety feature that it has is its multiple chamber system, which keeps the kayak inflated even if one of those many chamber sis punctured. It is also built to keep you dry thanks to the custom made spray covers.


– Heavy-duty PVC material used all over the kayak
– Highly durable thanks to tarpaulin bottom
– Air chambers all around kayak ensure it stays inflated even if one chamber is punctured
– No-leak guarantee
– Fully adjustable seats
– Very easily inflated and deflated
– Spray covers keep you dry
– Holds up to 490 pounds
– Dimensions: 12 feet wide, 3 feet long

Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 13 -Foot Tandem Sit On Top Kayak 2 3 Person Package

Vibe Kayaks make some of the most attractive looking kayaks on the market today, and that is certainly the case with the Yellowfin kayak. This three person sit on top kayak can hold up to 500 pounds and it is equally great for both recreational use and for fishing thanks to the two rod holders. Not only are the seats comfortable, there are also adjustable foot rests to keep you from cramping up on longer adventures. Unlike most other multi person kayaks, the Yellowfin also has a solo paddling option if you want to take it out on your own.


– Sit on top design
– Adjustable foot rests for maximum comfort
– Multiple accessory mounts
– Includes 2 hero seats and 2 paddles
– Center paddling position if you want to paddle solo
– Made for fishing, travel, and recreation
– 13 feet long, 80 pounds
– 8 different color options

BKC UH-TK219 12 foot Tandem Sit On Top Kayak 2 or 3 person

This two or three person kayak from Brooklyn Kayak Company is a fantastic kayak for both fishing and exploring. It comes with five fishing rod holders, which you really won’t find on many two or three person kayaks these days. It also has a large amount of storage space in the rear so it was built for people who want to stay out on the water for extended periods of time.


– Sit on top design
– 6 fishing rod holders included (4 mounted and 2 adjustable)
– Paddle rests hold paddles in place
– Waterproof storage compartments and two cargo storage areas
– 4 carrying handles
– Made for fishing, travel, and recreation
– 12.3 feet long, 70 pounds
– Holds up to 440 pounds

Driftsun Teton 120 Hard Shell Recreational Kayak

This attractive 12-foot kayak from Driftsun is one of the toughest that you will find and can easily fit two adults and one child. The high density polyethylene material used on the kayak ensures that it will last you many years regardless of how often you use it. The company also gets a lot of credit for fitting their Teton kayak with some of the most comfortable kayak seats, keeping your back and legs in good shape even after many hours on the water.


– Made with high density polyethylene
– One of the strongest and most durable kayaks on the market
– Multiple storage compartments
– 4 fishing rod holders included
– 2 anodized aluminum paddles with ergonomic grips
– 2 adjustable padded seats with back support
– 4 carrying handles
– Made for fishing, travel, and recreation
– 12 feet long
– Holds up to 500 pounds

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

Inflatable kayaks are gaining in popularity right now because they are the more affordable option and the ones like this one from Sea Eagle can last many years. Not only can you use this Kayak for simply having a good time on the water, it is also NMMA Certified so it can even handle whitewater rides. At under $300, the Sea Eagle SE370 Sport Kayak is one of the best all-around three-person kayaks that you can get right now.


– Lightweight and portable
– Better traction and speed thanks to 2 bottom skegs
– Saltwater resistant hull material
– Can be used in up to Class III whitewater
– Includes 2 paddles and 2 seats
– 5 inflation and deflation valves
– Weighs 32 pounds
– Holds up to 650 pounds
– Carrying bag included