Puzzle Floor Mats

Puzzle Floor Mats are an affordable and easy way to get some mat space down on the floor without breaking the bank or your back. These puzzle floor mats are soft and light. Because they are puzzle mats and connect together, they can also be taken apart and stacked to save space. When compared to more expensive mats, puzzle floor mats offer stability, portability and affordability like no other floor mats.

No matter if you’re in a big gym or your basement, puzzle floor mats might be the best option for your grappling needs. That being said, we know there are a lot of options out there in terms of mats and that is why we’re here today. The following list is going to give you some of the best puzzle floor mats for the year in terms of quality and affordability. We will talk about the products and name some of the great features. Enjoy!

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

The BalanceFrom Puzzle Mat are fantastic puzzle mats for grappling with their non-slip surfaces. Because they are so slip resistant, injuries stay at a minimum. They are exceptionally resilient and allow the person to keep their balance through any exercise. These mats are resistant to moisture and that technology makes the mats easy to wash with just a little soap and water. The lightweight and interlocking feature of these mats make them really easy to put together. This package comes with 6 tiles and 12 border ends.


– Flooring that will protect your body from injury – They are non-skid, textured and durable tiles that protect you and the floor
– Easy to put together – these puzzle pieces are lightweight and connect easily, quickly and as easy as they go together, they come apart just as easily
– Versatility – These mats are noise and water resistant pieces of mat are great for your gym, home and garages.
– High Quality – These mats are made of high density EVA foam that provides great cushion and support

AmazonBasics Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

The AmazonBasics Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles will make the best of your workout space. You don’t have to feel limited to yoga mats or the need to install flooring that is special. You can add a nice and cushioned flooring experience for your basement or you can use these mats to grapple on.

The best part about these mats is that they can be picked up and stored out of the way with no problem at all. This puzzle style exercise mat is a great choice for any fitness room, basement, gym or garage. You might also decide you want to use it for a kids play area too. The sky is the limit.


– These puzzle exercise mats create a cushioned, comfortable grappling/workout floor almost anywhere
– Built with high density EVA foam, these mats are built to last
– Free of toxic phthalates
– Lightweight, easy to assemble interlocking puzzle pieces

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

The exercise puzzle mats by ProSource can turn any area into a convenient and safe workout area. The quick and easy assembly of the interlocking pieces make these mats easy to set up and pull apart and store. These mats are also great for basements and garages and even on the carpet to protect for damage and wear. The reduced noise and non-slip surface make training a little better. The textured, dense foam give the perfect flooring for kettlebells, dumbbells, lifting benches and other fitness equipment. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab these great puzzle mats.


– Workout Flooring that is protective, non-skid, textured and durable
– Great for creating a comfortable gym space
– Quick and easy assembly that come apart just as easy as you can put them together
– They are versatile, noise reducing and water resistant which makes them easy to clean, and fantastic for gyms, children’s play areas, garages and fitness rooms
– 24 square feet of coverage
– High quality EVA foam

Forest Floor 3/8″ Thick Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats

With the Forest Floor 3/8″ Thick Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats, you can get style and comfort all in one. These mats make any floor look warm, comfortable and stylish with the wood grain look. They’re also very easy to install so you are able to set them up by yourself. No matter if you choose the 3/8 inch or 5/8 inch thickness, these Forest Floor mats are easy to trim with a utility knife or scissors.

These mats are just for looks either. There are ideal for yoga, pilates, gym space, and body weight exercises like crunches, planks, burpees and pushups to name a few.


– Realistic and attractive wood grain patterns on these foam mats
– High density EVA foam tiles that measure 24 inches by 24 inches
– Two detachable border pieces on each tile that allows you to finish the assembly with a straight edge
– Takes only minutes to put together
– Can be put together as whole tiles or easily trim these to fit somewhere

We Sell Mats 3/8″ Thick Interlocking Foam Floor Mats

We Sell Mats is offering their multi-purpose, bestselling foam mats that are made of EVA foam and come in the standard 24 inch by 24 inch measurements. There are two detachable border pieces that come with these mats to leave a nice and clean edge. These can be cut to fit any room and it is recommended that you use 10% more coverage when laying these mats down. However, these are also great for your home gym or garage area. These are latex free, non-toxic mats and are tested by third party labs to make sure the CPSIA standards are either met or exceeded.


– Lightweight padding built with non-toxic EVA foam
– Each tile is 24 inches by 24 inches and 3/8 inch thick
– These tiles come with two detachable borders that allow you to finish with a straight edge
– These assemble quickly and can be taken apart even faster.

Most commonly asked questions about puzzle mats.

What is a puzzle mat?

A puzzle mat for grappling is a mat that is put together by pieces of foam that connect with each other like puzzle pieces (hence the name).