Hammock Tents


Avid campers are starting to make the switch from your traditional tent to hammock tents. You might be wondering why this is the case. You might also already have a great idea about that and you are here to see some of the highest rated hammock tents out there right now. However, you are still on the fence about the switch, let us explain what all the talk is about.

Hammock camping isn’t necessarily about sacrificing comfort or roughing it more than traditional tent camping. It is actually the opposite. Hammock camping is more enjoyable, more comfortable and easier to set up and take down. All the while, you are lugging around less equipment and if you are by yourself, you can set up almost anywhere.

There are a few benefits to hammock tents in our opinion. First of all, you will get better sleep. Once you learn how to set up the hammock properly, you are going to sleep better than you have in a long time. Secondly, floating in the air is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Of course, there are options for air mattresses but that adds to the cost and leaves you less space to bring other gear that you might want to bring. Finally, the hammock tent has almost all the features a normal tent has and you are getting that fresh air. That’s point of camping, but I digress.

We could talk about the benefits of hammock camping all day long but instead, we are going to show you some of our favorite hammock tents on the market this year. These are all highly rated and solid choices. We hope you enjoy our list.

Young Hammock with Mosquito Net

First on our list is the hammock tent with a mosquito net by isYoung. For under $30 you are getting a hammock tent has some really great features. It is around 115 inches x 57 so it is going to fit most full grown adults in a comfortable fashion. The weight limit is 440lbs which is strong enough to hold two people and the mosquito net is high quality. This hammock is made of 70D parachute nylon fabric which is breathable, durable and antibacterial. Check out all the features below.


– Measures 114.2 x 57 inches
– Weight limit – 440.9lbs
– Made of 70D parachute nylon fabric
– Comes with two 188 inch nylon ropes and two steel carabiners
– Mosquito net has a tunnel design net cover to keep the bugs out
– Reversable zippers
– Use as a sleeping bag, hammock, swing or tent
– Easy to install and take down

RIDGE Ultralight Portable Parachute Hammock Tent

For $40 you can pick up this hammock tent by Ridge and we can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Some of the things we like about this hammock tent is that they use stylish aluminum carabiners instead of those clunky steel carabiners. The nylon connections are fantastic and the tree straps are lighter, sleeker and shorter than many other models. The mosquito net is super easy to setup making this whole package extremely nice.


– Hammock is 98 inches x 47 inches – made for one person or two when using as a chair
– 500lbs weight limit
– Comes with carabiners, straps, instructions, stuff sack and a built in mosquito net
– Upgraded to have lantern loop and inside pocket
– 210T parachute nylon
– Tree straps instead of rope
– Aviation grade aluminum carabiners
– Can use as regular hammock or tent
– Lightweight – 1.66lbs for everything

Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito/Bug Net

If you are tired of those cheaply made hammock tents, it’s time to take a look at the single and double camping hammock made by Sunyear. This hammock is really durable, looks great and is air tight so you won’t be bothered by those mosquitos when you are trying to sleep. You can tell they didn’t cheap out when they made this hammock tent and it doesn’t have that chemical smell that a lot of materials usually have. The build is strong and the size is great. The tree straps are of high quality and it is easy to set up.


– Made of 210T nylon
– Comes with hammock straps, 2 carabiners, 2 net ropes
– Durable and comfortable
– Installation tools included

Patent Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rainfly Cover

At $85 you can pick up the hammock tent by WintMing. The material used to make this hammock is really comfortable and the bug net with poles sets up nicely. It comes with a rainfly if you need it and if you do need it, you can snap it into place without much effort at all. Also comes with stabilizing ropes to keep you in one spot but many have mentioned they didn’t even need them. This hammock tent is easy to set up and will weigh less than any solo tent you will find.


– Comes with hammock and bug net, waterproof hammock cover, two tree straps with ropes, two foldable metal poses, tow ropes and two stakes for stability. Also comes with four carabiners and a zipper carrying bag
– Only weighs 3.5lbs for the whole set
– Weight capacity – 440lbs
– Inside hooks for hanging your belongings
– Can be used as a hammock, tent or sleeping bed

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent comes with a bug net and rainfly. This hammock tent has been rated number 1 by many publications and also won the Gear of the Year Award. This should give you an idea of why this is rated so highly but in addition, this hammock tent has a patented design that has a unique spreader/arch pole system that allows this hammock to be used as a hammock or tent which increases the variety of terrain you can setup on. You can use this hammock tent almost anywhere. It is really easy to setup, it is lightweight and keeps the bugs out.


– Weight – 4.25lbs which includes stuff sack, rain fly and poles
– Interior length – 90 inches
– Interior width – 42 inches
– Weight limit – 275lbs
– Hanging straps are sold separately