Hiking Pants

If you are planning on going on a hike, no matter what the terrain or environment, you should always come prepared with the right clothing. Hiking pants are a great investment to take with you and to wear on your hiking adventures. Not only will they protect your legs and shins from any dirt or gravel rocks that may fly up on you, they can also help protect your skin from any ticks that may be lurking. Wearing pants while hiking also lessens the chances of you getting harmed by being bitten by an animal such as a small snake, the fabric of the pants will help soften the blow or avoid it completely.

Hiking pants are both durable as they are comfortable and can save your legs in the long run from any scratches and scuffs. Made with thick yet breathable materials, hiking pants give you full full protection from the outside forces. often times, hiking pants have different pockets to accommodate the tools you may be carrying with you on your hike. You may want to look for certain qualities when it comes to hiking pants for your own personal enjoyment and comfort. Down below will be some of the best hiking pants out on the market made by different companies.

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

Columbia Mens Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

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The Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are a pair of hiking pants brought to you by the brand Columbia. Columbia is known for their high quality products, especially when it comes to clothing, the excel far beyond their competition. These pants are great to wear for your hiking trips during those fall and winter months when it starts to get cold. Have no fear, for in the summertime these pants block any harmful UV rays that may burn your skin. The fabric is both breathable and extremely durable, they also suck up all the moisture inside your pants so your legs stay dry and will not stick to the side of the pants making you uncomfortable. If it gets too hot out for your liking, simply unzip the bottom half of your pant legs to turn them into a nice pair of shorts.


– Lightweight and made with durable, tough material that will not rip or tear very easy
– Convertible pants means they unzip at the bottom, making for a great pair of shorts when it gets too hot outside
– Warm enough to wear during those fall and winter months when on your hiking trip, add a pair of long underwear underneath to assure warmth
– Flexible material makes you able to make those long steps without feeling constricted or ripping your pants
– Made with 100 percent polyester, they dry quickly when wet

KAISIKE Outdoor Quick-Dry Hiking Mountain Pants

Kaisike Mens Outdoor Windproof Fleece

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The KAISIKE Outdoor Quick-Dry Hiking Mountain Pants are a product that is brought to you by the company KAISIKE. These particular pants come in both women’s and men’s sizes and do a fantastic job when it comes to keeping you comfortable on those long hikes. These pants are versatile in the sense that you can wear them whenever you want for any occasion, not just for hiking. Many people that buy these pants use them for hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, bicycling, and hunting. Designed with special pockets, these pants will be sure to hold whatever items you may need to carry along with you that can fit in your pockets. Pockets are secured with a zipper to ensure none of your valuables will fall out.


– Stretchy waist for more comfort, if you start running up a size, no worries, these pants will adjust to your waist
– Fabric absorbs moisture on the inside so you will not be sticking to your pants, keeps legs dry
– Secure your items with the zipper pockets
– Waterproof material, wear them in the rain while staying dry

Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Mountain Pants

Singbring Mens Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Pants

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The Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Mountain Pants are a pair of pants brought to you by the brand Singbring. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable pair of pants to take with you on your next hike, skiing trip, or hunt, these pants are perfect for you. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, they are very strong and durable, it will be tough to rip or tear these pants. With an outer layer of soft shell polyester, these pants are flexible enough for you to move your legs freely without feeling confined. These pants are also water resistant, when you are treading through tall, wet grass, these pants will turn all the water into little beads where they will then easily slide off, keeping your legs dry.


– Coated with an outer layer of soft shell polyester material, these pants dry very quickly when they get wet
– During those hot summer months you may sweat a lot, these pants absorb all moisture leaving your legs dry
– Pockets on these pants are secured with a zipper, you will not have to worry about losing any items
– Fabric is durable and will last you for years to come
– Pockets are deep, allowing just enough room to fit your cell phone along with other personal items

American Outdoorsman Trail Hiking Pants

American Outdoorsman Hiking Pants

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The American Outdoorsman Trail Hiking Pants are a product brought to you by the company American Outdoorsman. These pants are specifically designed for those long hikes, camping trips, hunting, and mountain climbing. Made with 50 percent cotton and 50 percent nylon, it is safe to say that these pants are durable enough to last you for years of hiking pleasure. These pants are one of the highest rated hiking trail pants out on the market and are fairly priced. Unlike most hiking pants, these pants come with a belt already equipped and built in the pants. This belt can be kept inside the pants or taken out with a quick release buckle.


– Built in nylon belt that is easily disassembled with the quick release buckle feature, belt buckle also acts as a bottle opener
– Includes 8 pockets total that will help secure any valuables or items you may take on your journey
– The knee panels are made from a rip stop material, allowing you to crawl on the ground if needed without ruining the fabric
– Long pant legs protect you from mosquito and tick bites