Hydration Reservoirs

Choosing the ideal water reservoir can be a bit of an adventure itself. You want to find the right size and you want to find one that has good water flow. There are also quite a few other features you need to look out for, such as leakage prevention, mouth opening sizes, and easy cleaning. This is obviously easier for people who have experience with these kinds of reservoirs, but it’s not too challenging for newcomers as long as they can pick out the differences.

We’re going to make the process a lot easier on this page by sharing information on some of our favorite hydration reservoirs. Below are five of the highest rated and most bought hydration reservoirs for camping, hiking, bicycling, and many other outdoor activities.

LANZON Leak-Proof Hydration Pack

The LANZON Hydration Pack is one of the most durable and attractive hydration reservoirs on the market today. It has excellent features, including a two-opening system for easy refilling, and they come in great sizes if you want to carry a water bottle around with you while hiking or camping. It also has multiple locks around the pack that keep it from ever leaking, regardless of how it is positioned.


– Made of FDA approved, food grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
– Leak proof design with multiple locking mechanisms
– Ideal sizes for fitting in campers’ and hikers’ jacket pockets
– Two openings for simple refilling
– Large opening allows you to pack in large chunks of ice
– Easy cleaning and drying
– Mouthpiece cover
– Attractive blue and green designs

WACOOL 3L Leakproof Water Reservoir

At just under $17, the WACOOL 3L Leakproof Water Reservoir is one of the best bangs for your buck that you will find. It is made of high grade materials and it has one of the best anti-lock mechanisms on the market today. You also won’t have any trouble cleaning this water reservoir as it has large openings and a removable tubing system. It was designed to slip right into any backpack, making it a great choice for long hikes or camping excursions.


– Pressure resistant liner keeps the reservoir from leaking and from taking damage
– Double openings give you multiple ways to fill the reservoir
– Easy to understand tubing system
– BPA- Free EVA material ensures that the water you drink will always be safe
– Auto lock feature works flawlessly to keep water from leaking out of the reservoir
– One of the best prices for this high end design

SportsTrail Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir + Cleaning Kit

The SportsTrail Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir + Cleaning Kit might not have a big brand attached to it, but this new 2018 model is loved by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. It has a sleek skinny design that allows it to fit wherever you need it to. Also, it’s one of the fastest flowing water reservoirs around thanks to its custom made soft bite mouthpiece. This is a solid product for climbers, hikers, cyclists, and everyone else that is looking for a dependable water reservoir.


– Made of FDA approved and BPA free TPU materials
– Unique baffle prevents excessive water sloshing while you’re moving around
– Simple yet effective lock valve prevents any type of leaking
– Soft mouthpiece has a comfortable feel and provides quick water flow
– Creative skinnier design allows the pack to fit in just about any pocket in a jacket or a backpack
– Includes cleaning and drying accessories

Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder 2L Water Reservoir

The Aquatic Way water reservoir is a solid, inexpensive for both experienced and new hydration system users. It has a simple single-tube attachment that can easily be detached when not needed. It also has excellent water flow from the mouthpiece. On top of all of that, it is leak proof with or without the tube attached! If you are trying to save some money while still getting a water reservoir that performs, this Aquatic Way product might be the ideal choice for you.


– Uses food grade anti-bacterial materials that are BPA free and FDA approved
– Large top opening gives you easy access for cleaning and the ability to add large pieces of ice
– Quick release tube mechanism ensures that there will be no leaks even when tube is detached
– Very soft and comfortable mouthpiece
– Great for newcomers to hydration systems thanks to easy to use valves
– 100 percent money back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied with the product

Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

Osprey specializes in custom suspension systems, so it really isn’t surprising at all that they have created a water reservoir that a lot of people love. Hold two or the liters of water, the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir can be a great fit for people going on longer camping trips or shorter hikes. It was designed to fit in any backpack and it has quite a few unique features, including a back plate that keeps the reservoir sitting up even when your backpack tips over.


– FDA approved, food grade TPU materials used on all parts of the product
– Known for providing great water flow regardless of positon
– Has a custom made back plate that keeps the reservoir positioned in your pocket or backpack
– Easily sealed by simply folding the bladder over itself
– Skinnier mouthpiece and valve work well to keep water flowing quickly
– One of the nicest looking water reservoirs on the market right now