Ice Fishing Sleds

Choosing the right ice fishing sled needs to begin with know the kind of terrain you’ll be traveling through. Ice sleds can make your day on the ice much more enjoyable by getting you to your fishing spot much faster than if you were going to have to carry it.

Ice fishing is one of fastest growing parts of fishing and as a result, many manufacturers have entered the space creating quality products that that will work great for what you need. With this influx of new ice fishing sleds and different moldings, the price of ice fishing sleds has dropped a great deal. Now you can get a great sled for under $100 and that hasn’t always been the case. However, some products are made better than others and that is why we are here today.

We want to share out list of some of the best ice fishing sleds out there for the season. These are some of the most well-reviewed and highest rated ice fishing sleds out there. With a description of each product and a list of features, we hope your shopping experience becomes a lot easier after reading this post. Enjoy!

Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled

The Utility Pull Sled is a product that is brought to you by the company Flexible Flyer. This heavy duty cargo sled can haul whatever it is you may need, in particular, this sled is perfect to bring with you if you are ice fishing, deer hunting, carrying firewood, or loading work cargo. With this device, you will be able to easily transport your fishing gear and a cooler. Made with an extremely durable material, polyethylene, this sled will not break or snap in anyway very easily. With molded grooves on the bottom, this adds strength and stability on the ice and snow so that the sled with all of your items inside will not be sliding all over the place or getting stuck/flipped over.


– Deep molded grooves on bottom for tracking stability
– Transport fishing gear, firewood, and deer hunting gear/catches
– Will also work as a sled to ride on
– Heavy duty and durable material
– Flexible, will not snap if bent


The Shappell 54’’ JET SLED-MULTI-PURPOSE SLED is a product that is brought to you by the company Shappell. This sled is 54’’ in length and is the perfect device to use when you are out for a day of ice fishing, deer hunting, transporting firewood, or any other supplies you may need. Being able to carry anything you can possibly fit with a length of 54’’ and a width of 24’’, this durable sled has high walls and will not snap or break with its polyethylene construction. This Jet sled comes with a rope you tie around the front of the sled for easy hauling. Molded runners are on the bottom of the sled to help keep your traction while moving across snow and ice.


– Multi-purpose for ice fishing, deer hunting, or hauling cargo
– Easy pulling by hand with an attached rope
– Length of 54’’ and width of 24’’ will hold many items
– High walls made with polyethylene construction
– A must have for ice fishers

Terrain Sport Sled

The Terrain Sport Sled is a product that is brought to you by the company Terrain. This sled is a must have piece of equipment if you are one that goes out on the ice for ice fishing or to take with you on your deer hunts. With an attached rope at the head of the sled, you will be able to easily attach this sled to an ATV or four-wheeler to help transport your belongings from point A to point B. With a molded and ribbed bottom, you will have the perfect amount of traction while you are hauling your load. Constructed with high quality polyethylene material, you will not have to worry about this sled becoming damaged.


– Heavy duty polyethylene material
– Perfect to transport heavy loads
– Attach to your ATV
– Deep molded bottom for traction against ice and snow
– Huge dimensions could carry even a pine tree

Otter Sport Sled

The Otter Sport Sled is a product that is brought to you by the company Otter. This sled is a great piece of equipment to bring with you on your ice fishing and deer hunting trips. This sled is made of a one piece polyethylene material that is both lightweight and extremely durable. Moving your equipment and gear has never been easier with the molded grooves on the bottom, this both keeps the sled stabilized and balanced as well while moving over ice and snow. With a raised back wall, you will not have to worry about any of your items falling off or go missing. Includes a rope that will attach to the front of the sled to help you get more leverage for moving the sled.


– High back wall for cargo security
– Sidewall stability
– Bottom grooves on sled for traction and balance
– Includes a tow rope to attach to the front
– Glides easily across any terrain

KL Industries Terrain K42 Sport Sled

The KL Industries Terrain K42 Sport Sled is a product that is brought to you by the company Sport Sled. This sled is specially designed to take out on your day of ice fishing or deer hunting. Being able to hold as much as you can pull, this sled will glide easily over any terrain. With bottom grooves on the sled, these grooves help keep the traction as well as the balance of the sled. With a length of 42.5’’ a width of 21’’ and a depth of 8.25, this one piece polyethylene sled weighs only 8 pounds and is easy to transport.


– Heavy duty tow rope
– High impact polyethylene construction
– Can be pulled with ATV or a snowmobile
– Large enough to haul just about anything