Inflatable Tents

Rapid pitch tents have gotten a big upgrade in the inflatable tent technology. This air pole or inflatable pole technology has really created a more efficient and functional tent. These types of tents are becoming very popular these days and are considered the best family tents out there.

The reason these are becoming so popular is the ease of the setup. We all have had struggles when trying to erect a tent. The poles break, get tangled up and won’t go in the holes. This is something you no longer have to worry about when you get an inflatable tent. This is especially true for families because when you get to the campsite, you just want to get the tent setup and get the family settled. We all know this might not always work out how we planned it but we make it work. Now we don’t have to stress about making everything work. Just inflate and you’re ready to go.

Even though this is a newer product, there are still plenty of inflatable tents to choose from. Not all are made the same so we wanted to create this page to help you figure out which one is best for you. Below you will find some of the best inflatable tents of the year. We will give a product description as well as a list of features that you can go over to see if one of these are the right one for you. All of these are well-reviewed and are highly rated so we hope this helps.

Hippo Creation 30 Seconds Inflatable Indoor Float Tent

The Hippo Creation 30 Seconds Inflatable Indoor Float Tent is fantastic as a tent for you or a fort for the kids. This is a very large space and it measures 79” in diameter and is 52” tall. I can fit of to five kids playing or a couple adults comfortably.

This tent can be inflated in just about 30 seconds with a normal household fan. It is also really easy to put away and store as well. This may be considered more of a cheap option for your kids to have fun, but adults can use it as well. Give it a try. You can’t beat this for the price.


– Get the float tent, matching carrying bag, Velcro for fan attachment and instructions
– Extra-large space for you or the kids
– Easy to setup with just a fan
– Easy to enter an exit
– Stylish window made of mesh
– Safety mesh divider

Conceptual Tents Inflatable Fort

The inflatable fort and tent for adults and kids by Conceptual Tents is another great product that you can use in the backyard. This is another fan inflated fort that inflates in a short amount of time meaning you can get the kids playing and out of your hair in no time.

If you are concerned about the fan being used at the same time as the kids being in the tent, you don’t have to worry. There is a safety mesh that covers the fan so your kids can’t stick their fingers inside. There is also a clear viewing window so you can take a peak in and check in on the kids.


– Fan inflated tent for adult and kid fun
– Safety mesh divider that keeps the fan out of your kids reach
– Clear viewing window so you can check in on the kids
– Durable and light
– Fills up fast and comes down easy for storage

Bubble Hut Inflatable Play Fan Tent for Kids

The Bubble Hut inflatable tent fills up in just seconds. This means your kids will have a fun place to play and sleep while you are relaxing with the significant other. It sets up easily and comes down fast so it can be put into storage. This inflatable tent comes in at an affordable $50. This means that for just a little bit of money, you can buy something that will entertain your kids for hours at a time. However, if you the adults want to play, they can too.

We’ll just say that this product is about half the price of other name brand versions and it works just as well.


– Easy to setup, take down and store
– Easy entry and exit
– Mesh windows on the side of fort
– Fan access is blocked via a mesh divider
– Kids and adults can fit comfortably

Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent

The Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent is the first tent that can be used while you’re out camping. It inflates with a manual pump that fits nicely into the tent. Once you get this great tent filled up, you attach the ropes with the stakes you are given and when you’re done, it looks like any other tent. It inflates easily and breaks down even easier.

This tent is 3000 MM water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting wet while you sleep. It is also large enough to fit four people comfortably and you can have all this for right around $100.


– Setup takes about three minutes with the air pump that you are given with purchase
– Great stability with the ripstop tent fabric and stakes that are given
– Tent is 10.5 x 8.8 x 4.2 feet and is ideal for four people
– This can be used in the backyard or the woods
– 12 month warranty

Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent

The Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent is a six person air beam tent that is easy and quick to setup with its inflatable poles. This means you won’t be struggling looking for the poles and trying to make them fit each other. This is right up there as one of the best inflatable tents out there right now.

Overall, this is one of our favorites of the year. It is durable, made of high quality materials and has the space to easily fit six.


– Six person tent
– Beams create rigid and strong structure
– Linked in groundsheet that can be attached or detached from the living area and easy to clean
– Made of Protex 70D 4,000 MM HH polyester flysheet