Kick Shield

If you are in a sport where kicking is involved, such as kickboxing or mixed martial arts, you will want a good kick shield to use during training sessions. The best ones have a good cushion that will protect your leg and foot while also providing give similar to kicking someone in the abs. Kick shields come in many shapes and sizes, so it is up to you to decide which type is best for you and your needs.

Interestingly, when you buy kick shields you want to be sure that you get shields that are comfortable both for you and the person who is going to be holding them. You want the grips to be comfortable so the shield doesn’t slip, and you will also want to decide if you want it to be curved. The most important thing is that it does the perfect job of helping you train in whatever combat sport you are a part of. You certainly do not want to just buy the first kick shield you see since there’s a great chance that you will end up being disappointed.

Below is a list of some of the finest kick shields that you can buy today. Every one of these shields has been used by some of the best fighters in the world, who rely heavily on them when they are training for their big fights. If you are in the market for a kick shield, there’s a great chance that at least one of the shields listed below will do the job for you and will last many years.

Everlast Strike Shield

Everlast continues to make great improvements to their kick shields and this newest iteration is easily the best one they’ve made to date. It is a large pad, but it is also quite light for its size, allowing for a good amount of maneuverability. It is made of a very high quality leather material and the foam inside does a great job of absorbing any type of blow. These strike shields were definitely built to last, which is why they have been able to continue to sell very well over the years.


– Outside made of a high-quality synthetic leather material
– Inside filled with high-density foam
– Lightweight for easy maneuverability
– Better impact protection than most other shields
– Very large striking surface for both punching and kicking
– Durable
– Large grips on sides and on top of kick shield

Combat Sports Strike Shield Big Pad

This Combat Sports Strike Shield is easily the most expensive kick shield on this list, but many will argue that it is currently the very best kick shield that you can buy. If you compare it to the other shields on the market, you will notice that it has quite a few unique features. It has a slightly curved frame making it a more natural target for combat sports athletes, and the three large riveted handles make it easy for anyone to control. These Combat Sports kick shields are meant to be used in all combat sports, but they were specifically designed for MMA training.


– Outside made of highly durable synthetic leather material
– Curved design
– Made to be used for leg and knee training
– 3 riveted handles for maximum stability
– Excellent size for both home and gym uses
– Very easy to clean
– Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 5.5

Farabi Thai pad, Kick Training Strike

If you like thicker kick shields, you should definitely look into getting a Farabi Thai pad. They are thinner than most other kick shields, which a lot of people like because it gives them a smaller target to focus on which can help to make their kicks a bit more precise. The handle gripping system is also well-liked as it is easily adjustable and you don’t have to put a tight grip on it to keep it under control. It also costs less than $30, so it’s not surprising at all that it has been a huge hit for all types of combat sport fighters.


– Made with reinforced leather that is both high quality and durable
– VB-tech covering
– FGR-Compressive EU-Padding
– Aero build curved design with extended strike depth
– 2 KXR handle grips with GGX-core steel rivets, allowing for better control and stability
– Very lightweight
– Simple and reliable Velcro strap system
– Dimensions: 14.4 x 7.5 x 5.7

RDX MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad

Rather than making a kick shield like all of the other combat sport companies out there, RDX decided to make something unique. These are smaller pads that are made of four layers of gel foam and a fantastic leather mesh. They have great give and they are extremely easy to maneuver around thanks to their smaller size. RDX has quickly become one of those companies that fighters have come to trust because of products like these kick shields.


– Air release Leather mesh backing
– Quad-layer Gel integrated foam padding provides excellent shock absorption
– Extra inner layer ensures excellent durability
– Curved design
– Made specifically for mixed martial arts training
– Pad stays in place thanks to unique performance stabilizing system
– Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 5

Sanabul BattleForged Muay Thai Kickboxing Kick Pads

Last but certainly not least, we have the Sanabul BattleForged kick shields, which are thick and made to absorb hundreds of thousands of strikes. They may look larger than a lot of other kick shields, but believe it or not they weigh less than two pounds. They are easy on the people holding them and they feel great to the fighters kicking and punching them. You also get two in the package, making the $60 price more than fair.


– SBL engineered leather construction
– San-Air Ultra-light foam used for comfortable force absorption
– Thick, slightly curved kick shield
– Very lightweight for comfort and mobility
– Hook and loop Velcro closure system for secure fit
– Dimensions: 15 x 7.5
– 3 different color options
– Sold as pair

Revgear Kick Shield

The Revgear Kick Shield is one of favorites for the 2019 year for a lot of reasons. Overall, this is a well-made and durable kick shield that will withstand a great deal of punishment and last you for years. This shield was made with the heavy hitters in mind. It’s got a unique foam configuration that offers protection for the holder that you don’t normally see in a kick shield. The outer shell is constructed of 22 oz vinyl coated nylon in addition to triple stitching that will hold up to the heaviest kicks that you can throw at it. The side handles make this one of the most versatile kick shields out there because you can hold it in so many different ways, allowing the fighter to take advantage of different angles. The dimensions are 25” x 16” x 6”.


– The unique foam configuration is designed to protect the holder from the heaviest hitters in the world
– The heavy 22 oz vinyl coated nylon outer shell and the triple stitching mean you are going to have to work for years to break this open
– The side handles makes this one of the most versatile kick shields available
– Dimensions: 25” x 16” x 6”

Ring to Cage Multi Angled Curved Body Kick Shield

The Ring to Cage Multi Angled Curved Body Kick Shield is a highly rated kick shield that will hold up to the beating it is going to receive in your gym or garage. This kick shield comes with 6 grips that are fully reinforced and ready to stand up to whatever you throw at it. This has a synthetic leather shell with multi-layered foam padding on the inside. It was designed for the heaviest of hitters with the triple stitching and durable leather straps. The curved design offers the coach and athlete the opportunity to strike and kick from different angles because it maneuvers so well. It measures at 25” x 16” x 6”.


– This kicking and body punch shield is multi angled
– Comes with 6 different grips that are fully reinforced so you can hold it and strike at different angles
– The synthetic leather shell holds in the multi-layered foam padding made for heavy hitters
– Triple stitching on the durable leather straps
– Curved design provides options for variety in your punches and kicks in addition to maneuverability
– 25” tall x 16” wide x 6” thick

Venum Absolute Long Kick Shield

The Venum Absolute Long Kick Shield was designed in collaboration with some of the top strikers in the sports and it was made in Thailand; the home of Muay Thai. This should give you an idea of the quality and knowledge used when creating these kick shields. This was made to give the fighter an incredible surface for striking and to provide complete protection for the trainer because of the concaved design. You’ll get ultimate shock absorption with the triple density foam which, in turn, will give you long term training sessions while staying comfortable. The Absolute by Venum features multiple handles that are reinforced in many ways to provide multiple angles for the fighter to strike from. This is a very versatile product and it offers a great deal of variety. This is a well-made product that will stand the test of time.


– High quality Skintex leather was used in the making of the Absolute kick shield
– Perfect striking surface with a curved design
– Ultimate shock absorption with triple density foam
– Varied and intensive training available with the multiple handles
– Durability built in with the reinforced stitching
– Made in Thailand – the home of Muay Thai

Ringside Fairtex Kick Shield

The Ringside Fairtex Kick Shield is another well-made kick shield on our list that is great for teaching kicks of all heights in addition to body punches. Ringside is a company that has been involved in the fight game for a while and we’ve seen quality products come from them for a while now. This kick shield is no different and we expect that you will feel the same way if you try it.

This kick shield is made with synthetic leather and it has 3 Thai grip bars that are reinforced to be easily held up and to withstand the amount of impact it will be taking. It’s got elastic hook and loop straps to keep this kick shield in place.


– 3 reinforced Thai grip bars
– Elastic hook and loop straps
– Made of synthetic leather

Tiger Claw Shield

The Tiger Claw Shield – Super Kicking Shield is a fantastic kicking shield that is durable and maneuverable. Coaches won’t feel much when holding this pad for high level students that are able to throw their force behind a strike. It is constructed of high density foam and extra strong nylon. Expect total protection and full contact absorption out of this kick shield. It is 26” x 14” x 8”.


– Great protection from heavy hitters
– Absorbs full contact with ease
– Made of high density foam and super strong nylon

MaxxMMA Kick Shield

The full sized MaxxMMA Kick Shield is an excellent choice for your home gym or training center. We all know the importance of investing in the right gear when you’re involved in MMA, kickboxing or other martial arts. This kick shield is the perfect for fighters and trainers and measures 25” x 15” x 6”. It has thick foam padding and padded handles, all for under $70 at this time.

This pad offers a safe way to throw your elbows, punches, knees and kicks while the coach instructs your form. The only gripe we’ve seen with this pad is that the padded handles are a bit thin so if you have big arms or hands, it could be more difficult to hold than you might anticipate.


– This is a full size kick shield that measures 25” x 15” x 6”
– Heavy duty shock absorption with thick and dense foam padding
– Extra foam padding on all of the handles to make this much easier to hold
– A staple for any MMA, Muay Thai or kickboxing gym

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