Spending the night at a campsite is a great experience if you are a fan of the outdoors. Sitting by the fire, eating great food and spending time with friends and family sounds like something everyone should enjoy at some point in their life. However, once the lights go out and nobody is around, the darkness isn’t easy to navigate.

We’ve all been there. Trying to walk around the campsite to go to the bathroom or get a late night snack while tripping over camping chairs and fumbling through bags and sacks of food. It’s no fun. This is what makes a solid lantern such a great piece of equipment to have with you while you camp. It will be the difference between navigating the darkness or stubbing your toe on a tree stump.

That being said, there are a lot of options out there if you are looking to get your hands on a good lantern for the campsite. Fear not because we are here to help you in your search. We are going to list some of our favorite lanterns to have and talk about what makes them so highly rated by us and the public. We hope that this list will help you make your decision a little easier.

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern

The first lantern (or lanterns) on our list is the 2 pack from Etekcity. These LED camping lanterns are affordable and reliable and that is about all you can ask for out of a camping lantern. These lanterns offer up to 12 hours of omnidirectional light. The exterior is water resistant which means they do well in the conditions and the simple design is really practical for any camping trip. It’s got collapsible handles which make it easy to transport so you can either set this lantern on a table or hang it. It even has an energy saving feature which includes 4 hours of dimmer brightness after the first 8 hours.


– To use lantern, pull handle up to expose bubs
– Includes 30 individual LED bulbs for 360° of brightness
– Built with military grade durability
– Convenient as it folds down into a smaller size
– Low energy consumption – 12 total hours of light with last 4 dimmer for saving energy
– 90 day return policy and 10 year warranty

Black Diamond Moji Lantern

For under $20 you can pick up the Moji Lantern by Black Diamond. We usually think of Black Diamond as a company that provides products for climbing but they knocked it out of the park with this affordable and efficient lantern. This lantern is bright, small and easy to use. It’s a pocket sized lantern that is perfect to keep with you in your tent. It’s single piece, streamlined design houses a globe that is frosted for a perfectly even distribution to the TriplePower LED that at its max provides 100 lumens. There is also a dimming switch that allows you to adjust how bright the lantern is. This is easy to hang in your tent with a double hook so you can grab it when you head out into the night. This is a great little lantern for a great price.


– 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches
– Weight – 3.2 ounces
– Emit 100 lumens with 1 TriplePower LED
– Dimming switch for brightness adjustment
– Takes 3 AAA batteries

Streamlight 44943 Siege 200 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern

We love the Streamlight 44943 Siege 200 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern for a lot of reasons. First, it’s only $24.99 for a lantern that works as well as this one. Secondly, this 200 lumen lantern only takes 3 AA batteries and will last you a long time. There are a ton of features on this lantern. It’s got a removeable globe cover that will soften the light when you are sitting in your tent. It’s got a red LED light which is great for night vision and the D rings on the top and bottom of the lantern allow you to hang this anywhere. This lantern is waterproof and will work up to 1 meter under the water. This is a fantastic lantern with a lot of features. It’s one of the highest rated lanterns on our list for a reason.


– 200 lumens
– Ergonomic handle allows you to have it in a stowed position or lock in upright spot
– Polycarbonate, removeable, glare reducing cover that gives you an even, soft light distribution
– 5.44 inches tall
– Red LED light for nighttime use
– D-rings for hanging or stowing
– Waterproof for up to 1 meter under the water

Internova Yeti 800 Monster LED Camping Lantern – Massive Brightness with Tri-Strip Lighting LED Lantern

This lantern is extremely bright if you need it to be but has 4 levels of brightness to use. The Yeti 800 works off 4 D batteries. This is a monster of a lantern that can provide up to 800 lumens. That is enough to light the whole campsite. It is incredibly durable as well because it was designed with sturdy plastic and rubber molding to handle uneven and slippery surfaces. You get 5 hours of lighting but will last longer if you are using the lower settings. It is water resistant so it can handle the weather as well. Portable and lightweight, this lantern is all you need for a great camping trip.


– 800 max lumens output
– White, warm LED lights that offer a more natural lighting than many
– Retractable and sturdy handle that is great for hanging from your awning or tent
– S hook built in for inverting this lantern to focus the light downward
– Water resistant with plastic and rubber molded base
– Four settings of brightness for any situation while you are out in the wilderness
– Takes 4 D batteries that are not included
– 5 year warranty and a no questions asked return policy