Pitching Gloves

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Just like in most sports, having the right equipment is going to help you to progress faster. In this case, we are talking about gloves used for pitching in softball. While many might think this glove is going to be like any other softball glove, you are mistaken. It is important to know what you’re looking for so you aren’t at a disadvantage.

Just like your step, timing and release, your choice of glove is very important as well. Pitchers will usually look for gloves that are comfortable, however, the ability to hide the softball is one of the best traits that a pitching glove can have. When making adjustments or choosing your grips on the ball, you don’t want any of the opposing teams to see. In order to avoid allowing your opponents an advantage, you should look for a pitching glove with low webbing, big and deep pockets.

Pocket depth is one of the most important factors because you can hide the ball and switch your grip up. The web design, or lack of web design might be just as important because you want to hide your grips from the opponent.

All that said, there are still a lot of options out there and we know the search can be tough. This is why we’ve created this list of some of our favorite softball gloves that are perfect for pitchers. All of these gloves have closed off webbing, deep pockets and are comfortable. We hope this list of some of the best pitching gloves of 2019 will help you to make an easier decision.

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

The Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Glove is an incredible glove for someone that is growing into new gloves fast or they don’t want to spend a lot of money. This is an affordable, yet functional option for anyone looking for a pitching glove. This is a lightweight glove with a technical mesh shell and a soft PU laminated palm for great flexibility and comfort. This glove has an adjustable wrist strap for a versatile and custom fit and the pattern on this glove is made to fit the contour of the hand. This has a closed web design and deep pocket so a pitcher can hide they grip.


– Lightweight glove with a technical mesh shell
– Soft PU laminated palm build
– Custom fit with an adjustable wrist closure
– Contoured palm design for fit and comfort
– This glove can be used for many positions but is perfect for pitchers

Louisville Slugger 11.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Gloves

The Louisville Slugger 11.5-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Glove was designed for both players who are just starting off in softball or the youth player. With a mesh backing and leather palm, the Diva series doesn’t need to be broken in and even with that being the case, this glove is still very durable. Get really easy closures with the lightweight mesh back and super soft palm lining to give the player a feel of control and comfort. This is an 11 inch glove that is perfect for those that are going to get an upgraded glove later. Once your little player knows they want to keep playing you can upgrade to a full leather glove.


– 11 inch glove
– Softball infielder glove but perfect for pitchers
– Has a closed webbing design and deep pocket for hiding grips
– Ready for use of the shelf with very minimum breaking in
– Soft pig leather palm
– One year limited warranty

Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series comes in options for both right and left handed players. You can get this glove in different sizes and colors to fit your style and team theme. However, it isn’t the looks that makes this glove work so great; it’s the features that we love so much.

This glove was specifically designed for the female softball player. This glove offers firm control and excellent feel with Mizuno’s well-known Bio-Soft leather that has the perfect balance of flexibility and oil. The pocket is centered under the index finger and it has a V-Flex notch for functional and comfortable breaking in of the glove. The Parashock and palm pad means the player won’t have to worry about that sting in their hand. It’s got a deep pocket and closed off webbing making this one of favorites of the 2019 season.


– Gender engineered for the female softball player
– The lacing is professional
– Bio-Soft leather for comfort
– Deep pocket and closed webbing

Easton Core Fastpitch Series

Now we have the Easton Core Fastpitch Series COREFP1250BKGY 12.50. This glove was designed to offer comfort and performance for every position on the field. It has Diamond Pro steerhide that has been tanned to be game ready and extremely soft from the moment you put it on to when you put it away. Rolled leather welting and professional rawhide lace with a tensile strength of 100 lbs was used to make this glove. The Easton Core Pro Fastpitch has a deep and wide pocket which not only makes it great for softball, but perfect for pitching. It’s got a closed woven web and is 70% broken in from the factory. Enjoy your new level of play with this great glove.


– Tanned to be game ready and super soft
– Made with Diamond Pro Steerhide
– Leather palm liner is hand oiled
– Rolled leather welting
– Uses professional rawhide lace with 100 lbs tensile strength

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series is a big step up in terms of quality and price. However, you know you are getting a glove that is going to last you for years when you make this purchase. This glove has perfectly balanced patterns and it was made specifically for the female hands so that it offers better levels of comfort and control. Rawlings has introduced a new pattern technology in this product which help the player perform at higher levels. One of our favorite features of this glove is the back closure which might be one of the best designs we’ve seen. You just pull two wide laces to tighten and then pull the opposite joining tab for a quick and easy release.


– 5 size options
– Comes in White
– Another Rawlings product that stands up to the competition
– Made of high quality leather
– Pull lace closure system