Youth Baseball Gloves

Youth Baseball Gloves seem like they would be simple to shop for, but there are many factors to consider before buying them. The process is just like if you were to buy a glove for an adult. Position is a big key to what glove you are going to purchase for you child. Infield gloves are going to be a little shorter with a pocket that isn’t quite as deep as an outfielder glove. This is so the player can make the transfer from glove to hand and throw the base runner out. Outfielder gloves are a little bigger with a deeper pocket to make it easier to catch fly balls.

Quality and position dictate what glove you should purchase for your child and we know there are a lot of options. This is why we’ve created this list of some of the best youth baseball gloves out there. All of these are highly rated and will work great for your child. Enjoy!

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Select Pro Life Youth Series Baseball Glove comes in both right handed gloves as well as left handed gloves. These gloves are a perfect fit for any young baseball player and are a great starter glove for beginners. With a smaller hand opening, you will have full control over your baseball glove and be able to grip the ball with no problem. Located around the palm and the index finger is usually where the ball will fall into your hand, because of this, the glove is padded around the palm and index finger just enough to absorb the shock of the ball and not damage your hand. This glove is great for any position on the field, especially those who play 3rd base, short stop, and 2nd base. Catch ground balls easier than before with 11 ½ inch all leather baseball glove.


– Made from all leather material
– Perfect for beginners and the youth
– Comes 90 percent broken in, game ready
– Padding around fingers and palm
– Comes for right hand and left hand

Mizuno GPP 1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

If you are looking for a baseball glove that has a bit of style reinforced with great quality material, the Mizuno baseball glove may be the one for you. Specially designed for youth sizes, this baseball glove comes in both right handed and left handed options. A power lock enclosure, which is a leather Velcro strap, ensures your hand will have full control over the glove without your hands slipping out. The padding around the fingers is light and you will be able to feel the ball for better grip. Padding around the palm and each individual finger allows you to catch speeding fast balls without hurting your hand. The back pocket is also the perfect size for catching those balls that are just almost out of reach.


– Velcro power locking strap allows hand to stay in the glove
– Great way to teach a beginner how to catch a baseball
– Shock padding around the palm and fingers keeps hands safe
– Lightweight and easy to control
– Perfect to scoop ground balls with

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

With an 11 ½ inch web construction, the Wilson baseball glove is a perfect fit for the youth that are beginning their baseball journey. Specially designed to fit players with smaller hands, this baseball glove comes for both players that are left handed and those who are right handed. The palm of this glove has 2 layers of cushion to it that will absorb the shock of even the fastest flying ball. Each finger is wrapped with a double layer of padding as well to keep the hand as safe as possible. Made with 100 percent leather material, this glove has an added feature to keep the glove tight which is a leather Velcro strap, this ensures that the glove will not slip out when you need it the most.


– Double layered padding on the palm and fingers
– 11 ½ inch web construction
– Great for using anywhere on the field
– Comes in right handed and left handed options
– Youth sizes perfect for children

Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove

The Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove is made with top of the line material and is a great starter glove for any young child interested in playing baseball. With a modified trap web, catching fly balls and ground balls will be much easier than ever before. Made with top grain steer hide and American buffalo leathers, this glove will last you a lifetime of use, or until it is outgrown. Cushion around the palm and fingers is implemented within the glove to ensure the safety of your fingers and hand, all while being able to get a solid grip on the ball. A Velcro strap wraps around the wrist to make sure the hand does not slip out.


– 11 ½ inch glove perfect for any position on the field
– Velcro strap for full control
– Double layer cushion around the palm and fingers
– Made with 100 percent leather
– Great for beginner youths

Easton Z-Flex 9’’ Youth Baseball Glove

The Easton Z-Flex baseball glove is a fantastic choice when it comes to picking out a baseball glove fit for a child. This glove is made with hog hide pig skin leather making this glove soft and lightweight. Not only is this glove comfortable around the hand, the cushion around the palm and fingers makes this glove absorb all of the shock from any high speed flying ball. The web is 9’’ and has a 2-1-1 finger pattern, this means the pinky and ring finger are next to each other to assert more pressure or leverage while catching or gripping the ball.


– Made from 100 percent hog hide pig skin leather
– Cushion around palm and fingers absorbs all shock
– Great for any beginner youth
– Soft and lightweight
– Durable

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