Adolis Garcia vs Luis Robert Jr. Stats

Garcia has accrued an average at the plate of .248 in his time in baseball in addition to 216 scored runs and an OPS of .756. He has gone down on strikes 451 times and earned a walk on 93 at-bats, contributing to a .297 on-base percentage. In his MLB career, Garcia has drilled 73 balls out of the park while knocking in 244 runs. He is sitting with a career slugging percentage of .459 and he has totaled 660 bases. For his time in baseball, he stepped up to bat 1,558 times and has notched a base hit 356 times.

Robert has drawn a free base 63 times while being called out on strikes on 282 chances. His on-base rate is .330 and he holds a lifetime OPS of .810. He has amassed 168 runs and also has 160 runs batted in. He has gone yard 49 times, with 519 total bases and also a .481 slugging percentage. In the 1,080 at-bats in his career, Robert has hit .283 with 306 base knocks.

Adolis Garcia vs Luis Robert Jr. Stats

Adolis GarciaCareerLuis Robert Jr.
389Games Played281
1,558Plate Appearances1,168
73Home Runs49
244Runs Batted In160
45Stolen Bases28
11Caught Stealing7
.248Batting Average.283
.297On-Base Percentage.330
.459Slugging Percentage.481
660Total Bases519
29Grounded Into Double Plays17
13Hit By Pitch14

Garcia has earned 62 base hits out of 228 AB’s and holds a batting average of .272. He has earned a walk 20 times and has an OBP of .329. For the year, Garcia has compiled 48 runs, accounted for 52 RBI and has earned 15 home runs. He has tallied an OPS of 0.843 with a slugging % of .513. He has gone down on strikes 63 times while earning 117 total bases.

Robert has tallied 113 total bases with 58 base hits in 223 at-bats. He has racked up 39 runs this year and has hit 13 balls out of the park. He has tallied a batting average of .260 while holding an OPS of .819. He is sitting with an OBP of .313 as well as 12 walks and 71 K’s. Over the course of this season, Luis Robert Jr. has batted in 30 runs and has accrued a slugging percentage of .507.

Adolis Garcia (2023)StatLuis Robert Jr. (2023)
60Games Played59
255Plate Appearances244
48Runs Scored39
15Home Runs13
52Runs Batted In30
4Stolen Bases2
0Caught Stealing1
.272Batting Average.260
.329On-Base Percentage.313
.513Slugging Percentage.507
117Total Bases113
5Grounded Into Double Play3
2Hit By Pitch5