Alex Bregman vs Brandon Crawford Stats

Alex BregmanCareerBrandon Crawford
650Games Played1,443
2,818Plate Appearances5,460
117Home Runs130
397Runs Batted In654
35Stolen Bases43
10Caught Stealing33
.281Batting Average.254
.377On-Base Percentage.322
.507Slugging Percentage.405
1,220Total Bases1,979
55Grounded Into Double Plays104
34Hit By Pitch46

Bregman has raked .281 for his time in baseball in addition to 419 scored runs and an OPS of .884. For his time in baseball, he stepped into the batters box 2,818 times and has delivered with a base hit 676 times. He has recorded a slugging percentage of .507 and he has accumulated 1,220 bases. In his professional baseball career, Bregman has hit 117 balls over the fence while driving in 397 runs. He has gone down on strikes 396 times and has walked on 353 at-bats, which contributes in part to a .377 on-base %.

During the 4,885 official at-bats in his professional career, Crawford has recorded a batting average of .254 in addition to 1,243 base knocks. His on-base percentage sits at .322 and he is the owner of a lifetime OPS of .727. He has tallied 588 runs and also has 654 RBIs. Crawford has recorded a walk 469 times while striking out on 1,089 occasions. He has gone yard 130 times, with 1,979 total bases and a .405 slugging %.

Alex BregmanStatBrandon Crawford
91Games Played138
400Plate Appearances549
54Runs Scored79
12Home Runs24
55Runs Batted In90
1Stolen Bases11
0Caught Stealing3
.270Batting Average.298
.355On-Base Percentage.373
.422Slugging Percentage.522
147Total Bases252
13Grounded Into Double Play8
4Hit By Pitch5

For the year, Bregman is sitting with 54 runs, accrued 55 RBI and has earned 12 home runs. He has taken a base 44 times and has accumulated an on-base percentage of .355. Bregman has tallied 94 base hits out of 348 AB’s and has a batting average of .270. He has struck out 53 times (340th in baseball) while amassing 147 total bases. He has tallied an OPS of 0.777 (160th in baseball) and a SLG of .422.

Since the beginning of the season, Crawford has batted in 90 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .522. He has tallied an on-base percentage of .373 with 56 free passes and 105 strikeouts. Crawford has 252 total bases with 144 hits (57th in MLB) out of 483 at-bats. He has accumulated a batting average of .298 in addition to having an OPS of .895. He has a total of 79 runs on the campaign and has hit 24 balls out of the park.