Alvin Kamara vs Jonathan Taylor Stats

Alvin Kamara Career Jonathan Taylor
65 Games Played 21
766 Rushing Attempts 319
3,708 Rushing Yards 1,641
44 Rushing TD 15
210 1st Downs by Rushing 100
74 Longest Run 62
4.8 Yards Per Carry 5.1
57.0 Rushing Yards Per Game 78.1
7 Fumbles 1

Alvin Kamara has run for 3,708 yds on the ground in 65 games played in his career. His average yds per carry is at 4.8 and he’s carried it 766 different times. He has rushed for 44 TD’s with a long carry of 74 yards. Kamara is rushing for 57.0 yards on the ground per game in his career.

Taylor has coughed up the ball 1 time in his career and his longest run is 62 yards. He is averaging 78.1 yds per game and has scored 15 different times as a runner. He’s carried the ball 319 different times to the tune of 5.1 yards per carry. To this point in his career, Taylor has stepped onto the gridiron in 21 contests and has accumulated 1,641 yards carrying the ball.

Alvin Kamara (2021) Most Recent Season Jonathan Taylor (2021)
5 Games Played 6
94 Rushing Attempts 87
368 Rushing Yards 472
1 Rushing TD 4
14 1st Downs by Rushing 31
23 Longest Run 83
3.9 Yards Per Carry 5.4
73.6 Rushing Yards Per Game 78.7
0 Fumbles 0

He averages 73.6 yds on the ground per contest. He has rushed for 1 TD on the year with a long carry of 23 yds. His average when carrying the ball sits at 3.9 and he has carried the ball 94 times this year. Kamara has run for 368 yards on the ground in 5 games played this season.

In his 6 games played this year, Jonathan Taylor is rushing for 78.7 yards per game and has scored 4 times while carrying the ball. He has a long run of 83 yds. He has carried the ball 87 times for an average of 5.4 YPC.