Anthony Santander vs Juan Soto Stats

In his professional baseball career, Santander has hit 91 balls out of the park while knocking in 266 runs. During his time in professional baseball, he approached the plate 1,997 times and has come through with a hit 450 times. His career slugging percentage is .456 in addition to earning 830 bases. He has struck out 413 times and earned a walk on 135 occasions, which contributes in part to a .305 on-base percentage. Santander has accrued an average at the plate of .247 for his baseball career in addition to 234 scored runs and an OPS of .761.

During the 2,308 at-bats in his baseball career, Soto has hit .285 in addition to 657 hits. His on-base percentage sits at .424 and he also has a career OPS of .947. He has accounted for 459 runs in addition to having earned 396 runs batted in. Soto has recorded a free base 556 times while going down on strikes on 495 occasions. He has hit a home run 134 times, with 1,208 total bases and a .523 slugging %.

Anthony Santander vs Juan Soto Stats

Anthony SantanderCareerJuan Soto
485Games Played667
1,997Plate Appearances2,887
91Home Runs134
266Runs Batted In396
4Stolen Bases43
6Caught Stealing15
.247Batting Average.285
.305On-Base Percentage.424
.456Slugging Percentage.523
830Total Bases1,208
32Grounded Into Double Plays60
24Hit By Pitch10

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Santander has tallied 83 total bases with 47 base hits in 176 at-bats. He has racked up 23 runs on the season and has drilled 8 balls out of the park. He has tallied a batting average when batting of .267 in addition to holding an OPS of .821. He is sitting with an on-base percentage of .350 as well as 22 free passes and 50 strikeouts. Since the start of the campaign, Anthony Santander has knocked in 28 runs and also has recorded a slugging percentage of .472.

Soto has 85 bases in total with 45 hits out of 172 at-bats. He has notched 29 runs this year and has hit 9 balls out of the park. He has amassed a batting average at the plate of .262 while having an OPS of .917. He has recorded an on-base percentage of .423 in addition to 48 walks and 47 K’s. Since the start of the season, Juan Soto has knocked in 22 runs and has accumulated a slugging percentage of .494.

Anthony Santander (2023)StatJuan Soto (2023)
47Games Played50
203Plate Appearances220
23Runs Scored29
8Home Runs9
28Runs Batted In22
1Stolen Bases5
0Caught Stealing1
.267Batting Average.262
.350On-Base Percentage.423
.472Slugging Percentage.494
83Total Bases85
3Grounded Into Double Play4
2Hit By Pitch0