Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Atlanta HawksTeam Offense 2022-23Miami Heat
22Games Played22
948Field Goals853
2,037Field Goal Attempts1,891
46.5%Field Goal Percentage45.1%
2123-Pointers Made263
6523-Point Attempts778
32.5%3-Point Percentage33.8%
7362-Pointers Made590
1,3852-Point Attempts1,113
53.1%2-Point Percentage53.0%
398Free Throws429
481Free Throw Attempts504
82.7%Free Throw Percentage85.1%
243Offensive Rebounds206
739Defensive Rebounds692
982Total Rebounds898
444Personal Fouls420
2,506Points Scored2,398
43.1Field Goals Per Game38.8
92.6Field Goal Attempts Per Game86.0
9.63-Pointers Per Game12.0
29.63-Point Attempts Per Game35.4
33.52-Pointers Made Per Game26.8
63.02-Point Attempts Per Game50.6
18.1Free Throws Per Game19.5
21.9Free Throw Attempts Per Game22.9
11.0Offensive Rebounds Per Game9.4
33.6Defensive Rebounds Per Game31.5
44.6Total Rebounds Per Game40.8
23.8Assists Per Game24.1
7.4Steals Per Game7.5
4.9Blocks Per Game3.5
13.2Turnovers Per Game14.1
20.2Personal Fouls Per Game19.1
113.9Points Per Game109.0

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Atlanta HawksTeam Defense 2022-23Miami Heat
904Field Goals Allowed896
1,942Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,893
46.5%Field Goal Percentage Allowed47.3%
2313-Pointers Allowed297
7063-Point Attempts Allowed835
32.7%3-Point Percentage Allowed35.6%
6732-Pointers Allowed599
1,2362-Point Attempts Allowed1,058
54.4%2-Point Percentage Allowed56.6%
458Free Throws Allowed332
573Free Throw Attempts Allowed429
79.9%Free Throw Percentage Allowed77.4%
241Offensive Rebounds Allowed212
765Defensive Rebounds Allowed744
1,006Total Rebounds Allowed956
522Assists Allowed575
338Turnovers Forced355
475Personal Fouls467
2,497Points Allowed2,421
41.1Field Goals Allowed Per Game40.7
88.3Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game86.0
10.53-Pointers Allowed Per Game13.5
32.13-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game38.0
30.62-Pointers Allowed Per Game27.2
56.22-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game48.1
20.8Free Throws Allowed Per Game15.1
26.0Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game19.5
11.0Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game9.6
34.8Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game33.8
45.7Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game43.5
23.7Assists Allowed Per Game26.1
15.4Turnovers Forced Per Game16.1
21.6Personal Fouls Per Game21.2
113.5Points Per Game Allowed110.0