Baseball Sliding Shorts

Baseball sliding shorts were created to protect your glutes and thighs from abrasions and impact injuries while sliding. While they are not a necessary piece of equipment for baseball, they are highly recommended because they will help ease the issues you might have when sliding.

Talking to many former baseball players, baseball sliding shorts are something that are well liked and useful. These days, the sliding shorts you’ll see even have additional padding in the areas of impact protecting you even more from the issues that might arise if you hit the ground too hard or hit a rough patch of dirt. In the event that you have pants that already have the padding built in, you may not need to buy sliding shorts but they are nice to have just in case.

That being said, buying baseball sliding shorts might seem simple but there are a lot of options out there. It can be difficult to choose the right pair you don’t want to waste your money on a pair of sliding shorts that are just going to fall apart. This is why we have made this list of some of the best baseball sliding shorts of 2019. We want to make sure you feel informed about the product and have some options when you are looking to buy. We hope this list makes the process just a little bit easier.

Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts

Let’s get this list going with the Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts. Mizuno is involved in almost every product regarding baseball equipment and they are able to do so because they continue to churn out quality equipment. These shorts are simple and very popular throughout the professional ranks of baseball. They work great and are made to last. There is minimal stitching and minimal padding which means you will barely be able to tell that you are wearing any sliding shorts at all. If you are just looking for little extra protection under your baseball pants, these are a great option for you.


– Material used to make these is lightweight and soft to the touch
– Features moisture wicking Mizuno DryLite technology
– Side panels are foam padded
– Also has a cup pocket – cup is not included in the purchase
– Comes in three different colors

Easton Extra Protective Sliding Short

Easton’s Extra Protective Sliding Shorts are a great option for the baseball player that likes to stretch to make that tough catch or swipe second base. They are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex to give that comfortable stretch. These sliding shorts use Bio-Dri fabric that is sure to wick away the moisture that will build over the course of a game to keep you light and dry. The last thing you want to worry about when you are on the diamond is being even hotter and sweatier than you already are. It’s also got a sewn in pouch for your cup. Overall, the quality is great and these shorts come in at an affordable price.


– Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex
– Sliding short and engineered cup holder combined into one package
– Bio-Dri fabric for moisture wicking
– 5mm neoprene added to give extra protection in sliding areas
– 9” inseam for men and 7” for kids

Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

The Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts are made with 82% polyester, 11% spandex and 7% sponge padding. These sliding shorts have moisture wicking features as well as being anti-microbial for cleanliness. It’s got an elastic stretch waistband for a secure fit and quilted sponge side panels abrasion resistance. It also has an integrated cup pocket but does not include the cup itself. These cover great and don’t slide up which is a complaint that many baseball players will have when talking about sliding shorts. They are very comfortable and well-made which means they are going to last you for multiple seasons.


– 82% polyester – 11% Spandex – 7% sponge padding
– Ease of movement with added Spandex fabric
– Moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry and cool
– Anti-microbial characteristics
– Extra protection with quilted sponge side panels
– Integrated cup pocket

Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

The Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short are built for impact and provide ultimate protecting for your glutes and thighs. The ShockSkin 5 protection from the pads features foam padding and integrated fabric that is breathable and lightweight. The vented pads in these sliding shorts contour to the tailbone, thighs and hips for protection. The X-Fit integrated cup lock system has an elastic reinforced hem for comfort as well as security. One thing that we like about these sliding shorts is that they do include an Ultra Carbon Flex Cup that offers multiple layers of protection and is able to transfer impacts and shock of up to 100 miles per hour away from your body.


– Shockskin fabric is integrated into the shorts in addition to the vented foam pads that contour to your body
– X-Fit Brief cup retention technology that offers fit, stability and comfort
– Relaxed fit without compression for ultimate mobility
– Impact protection

G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts – Adult and Youth

The G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts for both adults and children are one of our favorite baseball sliding shorts of the 2019 year. These shorts give the player fantastic protection from abrasions and impacts so you can stay aggressive on the base path. They feature a compression fit with three impact absorbing pads that have been strategically placed to limit the impact taken. They are made with a moisture wicking compression fabric that will keep you comfortable and dry while you concentrate on making plays. We love these baseball sliding pants. The padding is high quality and placed in a spot where you won’t feel much, if anything, when you are sliding.


– Three impact absorbing, body mapped RPT pads on each side to protect from abrasion and impact at the thighs and hips
– Moisture wicking material that is UPF 50+ compression fabric
– Silicone grippers around the thighs make sure that everything stays in place
– Built in cup pocket