Bike Shorts

If you ride your bike regularly, or even semi-regularly, you are going to want to invest in some quality bike shorts. Regardless of whether you are new to riding or you are very experienced, you will want to get shorts that make all of your rides as comfortable as possible. On this page we will take a look at what you should look for from your next pair of bike shorts and some of the best ones that are out there right now.

Obviously the most important thing you want from your bike shorts is comfort, but there are other features you’ll want as well. You will want good padding for protection as well as plenty of elasticity so you can get full range of motion. You will also want durable shorts that you will be able to wear for many rides without having to worry about them ripping. The point of riding with these shorts on is to be streamline and comfortable. With those issues resolved, you can have a great ride.

Since there are so many different bike shorts to choose from these days, it can be pretty tough to find the perfect pair for you. Below you will find some of the highest-rated bike shorts on the market right now. Each pair of shorts on this list have been tested and approved by bikers just like you. We highly recommend looking through each of their features to ensure that you end up with a pair of bike shorts that you will be happy to own for years to come.

Santic Cycling Men’s Shorts

These high quality men’s bike shorts from Santic were designed to give cyclists added performance out on the trails by being both comfortable and light in weight. They are made of a four-way stretch tricot fabric, which means that they are about as soft as bike shorts can get while also doing a great job of protecting the rider’s skin from the sun. These shorts also do an excellent job of keeping cyclists dry so they don’t have to worry about bacteria growth.


– Shorts made of a nylon, spandex, and lyrca material
– Breathable mesh design
– UPF 50+ for a great amount of sun protection
– Reduces sweat and eliminates infections caused by bacteria
– 12-Panel anatomic design keeps the shorts in place
– Available in 6 different colors
– 7 different sizes to choose from

Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded MTB Cycling Shorts

What really makes these bike shorts from Baleaf stand out from the crowd is the high quality bottom padding found on each pair. The thick cushion does an amazing job of keeping your bottom comfortable even through long rides, but it barely adds any additional weight to the shorts. The fabric used is very light in weight and it does an amazing job of keeping you dry with its moisture-wicking. If you regularly go on long rides, you will definitely want to look into these bike shorts.


– Shorts made of a 90 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex material
– Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry
– Keeps you cool thanks to unique wide waistband
– 3D cushion ensures you will be comfortable on your bike seat
– Available in 6 different colors
– 6 different sizes to choose from

Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts

These very stylish bike shorts from sponeed feel as great as they look. They are about as soft as bike shorts get and they keep you feeling light thanks to the breathable fabric found all along the shorts. What makes these bike shorts so comfortable is their anatomic shape, which conforms to your waist and legs so you get full range of motion. You don’t even notice that you have the shorts on while you’re riding, but you can be sure that they are doing the job of keeping your dry and protected from the sun.


– 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex Lycra mix
– Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties protect you in multiple ways
– Plenty of padding to keep you comfortable for longer periods
– Very easy to clean
– Available in 5 different colors
– 5 different sizes to choose from

Emprella Slip Shorts

Cotton stretch shorts aren’t the first things people think of when they are looking for bike shorts, but plenty of folks have learned that these ones from Emprella can definitely get the job done. They do an excellent job of keeping your legs dry while you’re out on your bike or doing any other type of physical activity, and they are extremely light in weight so they will never weigh you down. These are especially worth getting if you are looking to save a little bit of money but still want some high performance bike shorts.


– 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex material
– Much smoother to the touch than other bike shorts
– Triangle back construction gives you full range of motion
– Made for riding, yoga, running, and many other activities
– 4 different sizes to choose from (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large)
– 100 percent money back guarantee

Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts

Many people see these bike shorts from Sportneer to be some of the best bike shorts on the market because they do just about everything that you want them to do. They were designed to conform to your legs to give you maximum comfort and mobility. They also have a material that is highly breathable, keeping your legs cool and also protecting you from the common chaffing issues that cyclists have. Lastly, the padding saddle support allows cyclists to stay on their bikes for longer periods of time without having to worry about any discomfort on their bottoms. Put all of that together and it just makes sense that these are some of the best-selling bike shorts on the market right now.


– 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex material
– Very breathable, keeping you cool throughout your ride
– The shorts won’t shift thanks to unique silicone gripper
– 3 layers of high performance sponge padding
– Available in 2 different styles
– 5 different sizes to choose from