Body Protectors

When participating in any sort of martial art or striking sport, the goal is to enjoy yourself and have fun while improving your skill set and knowledge of your body. You need to stay protected if you are going to get better or you’re going to make your student better.

There are a variety of boxing and MMA body protectors. These are generally used by coaches but are sometimes used by the students as well. It is a very important part to training because you want to make sure the coach avoids injury as well. This way they will be able to train the fighters with no interruptions. When used with focus mitts, the body protector can be used so the fighter can punch and kick to the body fluently without the risk of hurting the person holding the pads for you. No matter what the sport, a body protector is a vital part of the training equipment needed.

Now you just have to decide on what you want to get. There are many choices out there and that is why we’ve compiled this list of body protectors for you. These are some of the best rated body protectors of 2019. Enjoy!

Ringside Gel Shock Super Boxing Muay Thai MMA Training Chest Shield Rib Guard Body Protector

The Ringside Gel Shock Body Protector is all about bang for your buck. For under $70, you can get your hands on this quality body protector for your MMA and boxing needs. It has total coverage of the upper part of the torso to allow the coach to incorporate body punches into the focus pad routine safely and without injury. The Gel Shock padding in this body protector will disperse the shock before it gets to the person wearing the pads.


– Made of durable synthetic leather with Gel Shock Technology for dispersing shock and extra protection
– Make sure your coaches and students are safe with the Muay Thai, MMA, boxing and kickboxing rib guards for coaches and athletes
– The Ringside body protector offers total protection of your core when teaching and coaching
– Train for your fight with the complete coverage of your body with this body protector

Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Muay Thai MMA Training Chest Shield Rib Guard Body Protector

The Contender Fight Sports Training Chest Shield and Rib Guard Body Protector is a great piece of equipment to have in the gym for under $100. This body protector allows for coaches to train fighters without fear of being injured from not having protection. Using focus pads are great, but to really train for the better and at the same time, not hurting the coach, a body protector needs to be used so body shots can be worked into the training session. With this body protector, body shops can be incorporated seamlessly. You will see the difference when you try it.


– Seamless transitions into body shots for the fighter with the Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector
– Built of easy to clean and durable synthetic leather and the straps are made of heavy nylon with buckles that are made to be released quickly for easy on and off application
– Dense shock absorption for strength

TITLE Gel Body Protector

The Title Gel Body Protector has exclusive and new Gel Enforced Lining. This makes it an anatomically correct, protective, comfortable and word-class piece of equipment that any gym would love to have. Title has long been known for making quality products and this is no different than the others. It has almost 3 inches of multiplayer special cell padding that will protect the coach as if they were wearing a bullet proof vest. There is also more than a half inch outside GEL Target Zones that offer the fighter a place to work on their speed, precision and power safely.


– Exclusive and new Gel Enforced Lining
– Multilayer special cell padding of almost 3 inches
– The back and shoulder nylon straps are completely adjustable for your comfort
– The material is moisture wicking so you don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable while you’re training your fighter.

Fairtex Leather Rib Guard Body Protector Belly Pad

The Fairtex Leather Rib Guard Body Protector Belly Pad is world-class by most standards and when you use it, you will understand why. This body protector offers coaches a way to protect their entire core when teaching their punches and kicks while mixed in with focus pads. This body protector is made of quality leather in the fight capital of the world; Thailand.


– The body protector by Fairtex is made of durable leather and handmade in Thailand
– Multilayered foam padding for protection that is top of the line
– Get complete core protection with the Fairtex body protector while teaching punches and kicks
– With rear hook and loop closure, the Fairtex body protector is very east to get on and off
– When sparring or fighting, your core will always be protected from those strong shots that a coach is bound to receive

Venum Elite Body Protector

The Venum Elite Body Protector is going to run you around $140, but that price, you are getting one of the best body protectors for the 2019 year. This piece of equipment is made of top of the line Skintex leather and created with a triple layer of padding that is made to be high performance. Strategically placed areas that are reinforced have been placed for covering organs and body parts that would otherwise be hurt during striking sessions. It has been designed with adjustable straps and an anatomical shape that will ensure unrestricted movement for your lower and upper body.


– Skintex leather that is of the highest quality for extreme durability
– Triple density foam for shock absorption that is second to none
– Optimal body and organ protection through 180 degree shield
– Adjustments are Venum exclusive and allow for all ranges of movement while wearing
– Polyester lining is soft to allow for sweat to escape and less skin irritation