Calvin Ridley vs D.J. Moore Stats

Calvin Ridley Career D.J. Moore
49 Games Played 67
380 Targets 527
248 Receptions 314
65.3% Catch Percentage 59.6%
3,342 Receiving Yards 4,451
13.5 Yards Per Reception 14.2
28 Touchdowns 15
170 1st Downs 217
75 Longest Catch 82
8.8 Yards Per Target 8.4
5.1 Receptions Per Game 4.7
68.2 Receiving Yards Per Game 66.4

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Ridley (28 TD’s through the air) had an average of 68.2 yards per contest receiving and he averages 5.1 catches per game in his career. His longest catch of his career went for 75 yards and he was able to snag 65.3% of the balls thrown to him. He caught 248 balls for an average of 13.5 yards per reception. Ridley totaled 3,342 yards through the air in 49 games throughout his career.

D.J. Moore has stepped onto the gridiron in 67 contests throughout his career. His percentage of caught passes sits at 59.6% and he has that by catching 314 out of the 527 passes that went in his direction. He has earned a total of 4,451 yards and has an average of 14.2 yards per catch. So far in his career, Moore has 15 touchdowns and has a long reception of 82 yards. His catches per contest and yards per game average are 4.7 and 66.4 yards.

Calvin Ridley (2021) Most Recent Season D.J. Moore (2022)
5 Games Played 4
52 Targets 29
31 Receptions 13
59.6% Catch Percentage 44.8%
281 Receiving Yards 138
9.1 Yards Per Reception 10.6
2 Touchdowns 1
16 1st Downs 8
22 Longest Catch 29
5.4 Yards Per Target 4.8
6.2 Receptions Per Game 3.3
56.2 Receiving Yards Per Game 34.5

Ridley took the field in 5 games during his final season. His percentage of passes caught during his final season wsa 59.6% and he earned that by pulling in 31 of the 52 passes that went his way. He earned 281 yards during his final season and wrapped up the year with an average of 9.1 yards per catch. In his last year, Ridley ended up with 2 touchdowns and his long reception of the season was 22 yards. Ridley accounted for 281 receiving yards in his final season.

Moore has compiled 138 yds. D.J. Moore (1 touchdown through the air) has compiled an average of 34.5 yards per game receiving and he has 3.3 receptions per contest. His longest reception this season went for 29 yards and he has been able to haul in 44.8% of the balls thrown in his direction. He has hauled in 13 passes thrown his way which means he averages 10.6 YPC. Moore has totaled 138 yards through the air in his 4 contests this year.