Climbing Descenders

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Climbing descenders are an absolute necessary piece of equipment you should have with you to take on your climbing expeditions. Climbing ascenders and descenders are both working with the same concept but they go in different directions. When you are ascending, you are moving up the side of the cliff. When you are descending, you are repelling down the face of the cliff. When it comes to repelling down, you are very vulnerable to slipping out of grasp from your rope and falling down. With a proper climbing descender, it makes repelling down those steep cliffs both safe and effective.

Purchasing a good climbing descender should not be about the price. The higher quality of the descender, chances are the price will go up as well; these are all well worth the price for your safety. Down below will be different brands and companies that bring you some of the highest rated climbing descenders on the market right now.

Petzl Descender Belay, 8-6/7 in. L, 3150 lb

This descender brought to you by the company Petzl, is one of the highest rated and safest descenders out there right now. This descender is so strong it can hold up to 3150 pounds with no problem. This descender is so heavy duty that it can virtually do whatever you may need it to. This descender has a price range of around 280-300 US dollars.


– Rescue Mission: If you or someone is in a rut and is in need of emergency help on the side of a cliff, this descender is perfect to rescue the individual. With a strength of carrying over 3,000 pounds, it is no problem latching onto someone who is in need.

– Strength: Made from aluminum and steel, this descender will let you easily repel down any cliff with ease. It is so strong that it will virtually hold whatever you could possibly need to bring on a climbing or rappelling trip.

Petzl Descender Aluminum/Steel Cam

The Petzl Descender Aluminum/Steel Cam is another product from the company Petzl. This descender is made with top of the line technology and is a descender that is perfect for rappelling and rescue missions. With this descender, you will be able to access hard to reach areas with a horizontal and low angled adjustments. This product ranges from 320-350 US dollars.


– Strong: Made from aluminum and steel, this is one of the strongest descenders you can get. With this descender you can be assured your line will not snag or hold up.

– Smooth: This descender is easily adjustable and has a multifunction handle along with a pivoting cam. With the option to make low and horizontal movements, you will never experience that snag on the line.

PEAKWORKS Fall and Rescue Device

This is the leading fall and rescue device out there right now. Presented by PEAKWORKS, this fall and rescue device is used mainly for those in the department of search and rescue missions. This particular descender costs just over 2,000 US dollars. With a price like that, the quality speaks for itself. The tensile strength on this holds up to 5000 pounds. It also reaches down to 150 feet. It is lined with polyester material with brass, zinc, and plated steel hardware.


– Compact: Although this device packs a heavy duty job, it is also surprisingly lightweight and compact. It is easy to tote around in your pack is you do not need it until later on in the trip.

– Rescue: This descender is specially designed for rescue and emergency reasons. Although this is true, you can use it for just about any climb or rappel you may want to do.

Absorbist Self-Braking Descender by Petzl

The Absorbist Self-Braking Descender is a product made by the company Petzl. This descender is perfect for those that are into tree climbing more than anything. With an affordable price of just around 200 US dollars, this descender lets the climber stop in mid air or along the side of whatever edge they feel they need to.


– Self-Braking: This particular descender has a strong grip when it comes to self braking. This will allow you to make quick stops and adjustments if necessary.

– Lightweight: If you do not want to add much extra weight on your trip, this descender is lightweight and compact, easily fitting inside a small compartment on your pack without taking up much space.

Petzl Pirana Canyon Descender

This is a descender that is great for those who are just beginning their journey into climbing. Made specially for canyon climbing, this descender holds easily enough weight for one person and all his gear a couple times over. With the low price of around 60 US dollars, this is one of the most affordable and recommended descenders on the market.


– 2 Points: This descender offers two different options in which your ropes can be angled for quicker descending speeds.

– Braking Positions: There are three different braking positions available on this device. These braking positions all depend on the weight of the climber, and the position that they are in. It is also important to keep in mind the diameter of the rope that the climber is wearing versus his or her weight.

Petzl Stop Descender

This is a descender that has been highly recommended by experienced climbers. Many people take these descenders on their climbing and rappelling expeditions because of the quality and special features this item has available. Made by the company Petzl, this is a climbing descender that is suggested and has been rated 5 out of 5 stars. Not only is it using cutting edge technology, it is fairly priced at 150 US dollars.


– Locking Option: This descender can lock on command and release on command. This allows the climber to have their option on hanging next to the edge or rappelling downward. It is especially used great for canyon rappelling.

– Clean: This, like many descenders, should be used with a clean rope. It is a hazard to use a chewed up or old rope when rappelling and climbing. If you are using this descender, you must use a clean rope, if you get mud or too much dirt inside this descender, it could stop working properly which could cause dangerous problems for the climber.