Climbing Harnesses

One of the most overlooked piece of climbing gear there is might be the harness. Everyone always seems to focus on what cam is best for the project, what climbing shoes they want or the weight of their carabiners. However, not many think about the harness which is the piece of equipment that keeps the rope connected to your body.

That being said, it is a really important decision. We think you might already know that because you are here but the next thing to worry about is which harness to get and if you are getting enough for your money. This is why we put this list together of the highest rated climbing harnesses of the year. We will talk about the harnesses and the features that qualify them for our list.

We know there are plenty of other harnesses out there but we wanted to share a few of our favorite ones out there. Enjoy the list we put together and hopefully it gets you a little closer to buying one.

Oumers Climbing Harness

The first harness on our list is the Oumers Climbing Harness and for only $16.99, this harness is a great option. Oumers is a reputable outdoor products company so you know you are getting a high quality and good looking product.

If you are looking for a harness to get you started in climbing, this one should be your go-to. This inexpensive harness is good for occasional use rappelers as well. It’s great for both indoor climbing and outdoor. It is really comfortable in the air and extremely durable.


– Beginner harness and CE certified
– From 15” waist to 48”, this harness will work
– The rappelling harness construction distributes the pressure well to keep you comfortable while climbing and it has a traditional buckle
– Waist belt is can be adjusted and then secured in one movement
– The polyester material is high load bearing and all the webbing and connections are sturdy as well
– Rope descender is great for fire rescue, rock climbing, working on higher levels
– 12 month warranty

GHB Climbing Harness

This climbing harness by GHB is a solid, serviceable harness for the price. For under $20, this harness is very adjustable and stays comfortable after you get it set. The buckles are great as well and stand up to heavy stress and use. The only issue we found is that the elastic bands that connect the leg and waist loops can get snagged but outside of that, this product is great and we get why it’s so highly rated.

A little more about the features; the reinforced buckle is very strong and sturdy and this harness will fit a waist from 24 inches to 48 inches. The legs fit from 16 inches to 31.5 inches.


– Breaking strength of this breaking harness is 23KN
– Perfect for fire rescue, caving, mountaineering, outward band and working at high elevations
– Half body harness with a traditional buckle
– Construction distributes pressure to keep you at ease while climbing

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

The Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness is a durable and solid harness that will not pinch your waist or your thighs. It’s got the Thicken & breathable waist design, premium manganese steel buckles and optimal comfort through pressure distribution. This harness is heavier than a lot of other harnesses but you feel the safety and security in this harness.

The harness is made from polyester. It takes on high loads and all of the webbing and connections are very durable with reinforced ends for your safety. The weight limit on this harness is 660 pounds and the breaking strength sits at 25KN. It is a half body climbing harness and is CE Certified. It fits well on most people from a waist size of 20 inches to 53 inches, and the legs fit from 15 inches to 30 inches. Because of how adjustable it is, every member of the family can use this harness for any kind of climbing.


– Simple operation. Harness is easy to put on, adjust and remove
– Fits most body sizes with leg sizes of 15” to 30” and waist sizes from 20” to 53”
– One gear loop
– Adjustable leg loops
– Weighs 17. 5 ounces
– Force limit is 22KN

Ingenuity Climbing Harness

Now we are getting up to some of the more expensive harnesses and the Ingenuity Climbing Harness comes in at around $60. If we had to sum this harness up in a few words we would say it high-quality, safe, a great value and most of all, comfortable. It meets all the safety requirements and it is a reasonable cost for what you are getting.

It is made of nylon webbing, Dyneema and polyester attachment point with 3D woven polyester mesh and closed cell foam padding. This harness is comfortable, flexible and will be the last harness you’ll need for a long time.


– The frame construction guarantees excellent weight distribution
– All the webbing and connections are very sturdy and have reinforced ends
– The black buckle allows fast and seamless adjustment to the waist and leg belt
– Stay comfortable with wider leg loops and waist belt with straps that are double the thickness of your normal harness for comfort while climbing
– The metal D ring has high bearing and strength capacity, and it distributes the weight evenly on the leg ring and waistband
– Professional climbing harness for rock climber, rappelers, arborists, mountaineering, outward band, fire rescue, tree climbing, caving, working on tower and roof.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Then we have the Black Diamond Momentum Harness which is one of the nicer ones out there and we know why it is rated so highly. We don’t need to say much about this climbing harness because Black Diamond is well known for quality, but we will say that this harness is lightweight, comfortable and casual. The tightening system works great and has a slip and pull of three different buckles that will have you ready to climb in no time.


– Patent pending trakFIT adjustment that allows for customization to the leg loop
– Waist belt shaped like a bullhorn and uses Dual Core Construction
– Waist belt buckle is pre threaded and uses Speed Adjust
– Rear elastic riser is adjustable
– Four gear loops that are pressure molded.