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Black Diamond Half Dome Rock Climbing Helmet, Slate, Medium/Large
  • The Black Diamond Half Dome rock climbing helmet has long been a staple for climbers worldwide. The simple yet highly...
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Petzl BOREO Men's Helmet - Durable and Versatile Helmet with Enhanced Head Protection for Climbing and Mountaineering - Grey - M/L
  • TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION: Petzl helmets go beyond the industry standard of focusing only on impacts to the top of the...
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PETZL, Vertex Vent Helmet, Black
  • Comfortable ventilated helmet
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Black Diamond Womens Half Dome Helmet, Aluminum, Small/Medium
  • Hybrid design with molded EPS foam, generous ventilation and highly adjustable suspension system

The first rule when it comes to any extreme activity is safety first. This is especially true with the rigorous and challenging sport of rock climbing; or any form of climbing in general. Being high above the land clinging to the side of a mountain, tree, cave, or wall, you are very vulnerable for disaster. Not only from falling hundreds of feet to the ground, but from rocks and other forms of debris coming loose from the terrain above. This is a serious matter when it comes to rock climbing especially. When climbing with a partner or in groups, which is highly suggested for safety precautions due to an emergency, you should always have your safety gear on. When it comes to protecting your head, investing in a proper rock climbing helmet should not be a matter of how much money you will spend.

Rock climbing is an awe-inspiring sport that involves a required amount of strength and flexibility in order to maneuver between obstacles. When thinking of wearing a helmet, you may think that the helmet will weigh you down or cause problems. This is not true whatsoever. Rock climbing helmets are designed and constructed to mold your head to a perfect fit. Not only are rock climbing helmets protecting the top and sides of your skull, they are not as heavy as you think they would be. These helmets are all specially designed to be as lightweight as possible in order for you to have full control of your movements. Down below will be reviews of some of the best rock climbing helmets from some of the best rock climbing gear companies out there.

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

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Black Diamond Vapor Rock Climbing Helmet, Octane, Medium/Large
  • Co-molded EPS foam with polycarbonate shell is lower profile than the Vector

Black Diamond is a company that has a ton of valuable and well recommended products. With price ranges and different styles, Black Diamond offers a large selection of helmets meant for extreme sports. This particular helmet ranges in price anywhere from 120-140 US dollars. Down below is the Black Diamond Vapor Helmet.


– Lightweight: The Black Diamond Vapor Helmet is one of the lightest helmets out on the market. Weighing at just 7 ounces, you will barely know it is strapped to your head.

– Ventilation: This helmet, unlike many helmets, has sleek ventilation slits on the top and sides of the helmet. This allows your head to get air so you do not get overheated due to hot temperatures while climbing.

– Versatile: This helmet not only is terrific for climbing, it is great for other outdoor activities such as skiing. The helmet is easily adjustable and has enough room to fit a ski hat on underneath; the lightness of the helmet is perfect for quick response situations.

– Headlamps: Headlamp clips can be taken off or kept on the front of the helmet.

This helmet has received 4.5 stars out of 5. The only downside to this helmet seems to be because of it being so light, it is also fragile. It may protect your skull in time of need but could possibly break itself if the force is too strong.

Mammut Skywalker 2

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Mammut Skywalker 2 Helmet
  • EN 12492 standard

The Mammut Skywalker 2 is the second one of the series from the company, Mammut. This helmet has a cool style with an all around hard plastic shell protecting every part of your head. With 8 different ventilation holes, this helmet is perfectly balanced as in terms of ventilation and durability.


– Adjustable: From the chin strap to the size of your head, this helmet has an adjustable chin strap along with a thumb wheel on the inside that adjusts to the size of your head.

– Comfortable: Although these helmets tend to weigh a bit more than other climbing helmets; (weighing at 13.4 ounces) they are extremely comfortable. With a proper amount of padding and the ability to adjust the size, these helmets are nice to wear in the colder months especially.

– Headlamps: This helmet has headlamp clips for those of you who need a little more light when making those climbs or traversing through the caves.

This helmet has received 4 out of 5 stars. The only complaint with this particular helmet is the weight. It tends to be a little more on the heavier side but it is a safe and recommended helmet to those who need a beginner helmet that is also stylish and affordable. This helmet ranges anywhere from 40-60 US dollars.

Camp Speed Comp Helmet

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Weld On Shackle/Clevis 1" Thick For Trucks, Trailers, Off Road Vehicles, UTV (2)
  • Made of heavy duty cold rolled steel, durable and solid with two beveled edges on the base for maximum weld strength

Camp USA is known for its incredibly strong and lightweight helmets. They are also known for having flashy and colorful designs, which is a plus in itself to let other climbers know you are present. This particular helmet is slick and has a ton of positive feedback.


– Durable: Made with polycarbonate shell, this helmet is both flexible, lightweight, and strong. Weighing at 12 ounces, it is not heavy and not too light.

– Adjustable: Not only is the size adjustable, the shell itself and the ventilation is as well. The chin straps can also be adjusted to fit snug under your chin with no snagging or pinching.

– Headlamps: Like any good climbing helmet, they will have headlamp clips. The headlamp clips on the Camp USA Speed Comp helmet are adjustable in the front and even have an elastic cord on the back.

This helmet has received 5 out of 5 stars. Although the price is expensive, around 130 US dollars, it is well worth the investment for the best possible mountain climbing experience and safety.

Grivel Salamander 2.0 Helmet

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Grivel Stealth - Titanium
  • CE and UIAA Certified

The Grivel Salamander 2.0 is the new and second edition of the Salamander series. Developed by the company Grivel, like most of their products, the helmets are to be trusted. They come in a variety of colors and are extremely durable with long lasting comfortability.


– Strong: Designed with the number one aspect of being safe and comfortable, the shell is made from a hard ABS plastic. The sleekness of the design lets debris that may fall on your head to easily slide off, keeping your head free from no more than a bump or scratch.

– Ventilation: This helmet has a hard top cover but on the sides has a few holes for ventilation. The ventilation is well needed on this helmet because it is a little heavier than some of the other climbing helmets. Weighing at around 13.5 ounces, this helmet is protective but also has a weight to it.

– Price: The price of this product is perfect for what it is. Varying anywhere from 60-70 US dollars, this product is great for those that do not mind the extra weight.

This helmet receives a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a comfortable helmet that has an adjustable chin strap but does not have a clip for headlamps. This is a good helmet for rock climbing and mountain climbing but is not suggested for cave climbing due to the headlamp restrictions.