Composite Wood Baseball Bats

Finding yourself a great composite wood baseball bat is something that can set you apart from the other batters stepping up to the plate. There are a lot of benefits from swinging a composite wood bat. It is the most durable of all the wood bats and they are encased in a composite shell for durability.

Composite wood bats are great for beginners or people using a wood bat for the first time. You can reap all the benefits of using the wood bat without being worried about the bat breaking on you. It is also a perfect bat for batting practice or cage work. You will even see some of the lower level professionals using this bat as well so you are not going to miss out on any of the benefits that come along with using a solid wood bat.

That being said, there are a lot of choices out there for a composite wood baseball bats. These bat can be made with different types of woods so deciding which one to start with might be more of a chore than you had anticipated. This is why we made this list of some of the best composite wood baseball bats of 2019. This list should help you to make an easier shopping decision. Enjoy!

Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

The Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat is one of the most affordable composite bats on our list today. Even with that being the case, it is still one of the most solid bats out there for 2019. This has a pro balanced speed design that was made to be high performance. This bat is a hybrid that has a professional grade maple barrel and a durable bamboo core. This bat has a 90 day warranty on the handle so if anything happens, you can be sure that Easton will take care of it. Overall, this is a very good composite wood bat that gives you what you need in an affordable package.


– Built to play like the S1 BBCOR bat with the pro-balanced speed design
– Composite hybrid bat with professional grade maple and durable bamboo core
– Lighter swing weight with cupped end cap
– 90 day manufacturer’s warranty

Rawlings VELO Composite Wood Baseball Bat: R110CR

The Rawlings VELO Composite Wood Baseball Bat will give you a sense of confidence as you dig those cleats into the dirt and take your place inside the batter’s box. This bat was made with average sized barrels for those that want a more balanced and faster bat. This great balance will increase the chances of making really good contact with the ball. You will also get great durability, premium pop and great feel with this bat. This specific bat has a 2.5 inch barrel diameter, the BBCOR certified stamp and a drop 3 length to weight ratio. This bat is made to increase bat speed because of the balanced swing weight and barrel size.


– This is a 110 turn model
– 2.5” barrel diameter
– 15”/16” handle diameter
– 3 length to weight ration guaranteed
– Balanced swing wait for increased swing speed

Mizuno 2014 Maple Carbon Composite Baseball Bat

Another fantastic composite wood baseball bat for the 2019 season is the Mizuno 2014 Maple Carbon Composite Baseball Bat. Even though this bat has been around for a while, it continues to hold up as one of the best for the price. This bat offers maximum durability with an advanced engineered maple composite barrel with a handle that is carbon composite. Many pieces of maple wood were used in the making of the barrel for one of the most durable and best performing bats of the year. Many users feel this bat has more pop than its bamboo competitors and we would agree. Finally, we really love the 120 day warranty that is offered with this bat. This is more than you’ll find from most companies.


– Performance and feel of solid maple wood but with performance that stays consistent
– The swing weight is incredibly light
– Better grip with sanded carbon handle
– BBCOR certified for use
– 120 day warranty

Axe Bat 2014 L180 Maple Composite BBCOR (-3)

The Axe Bat 2014 L180 Maple Composite BBCOR (-3) is for the player that is looking to add consistency and power to their game. The Ax Maple composite has a handle of durable composite material and a hard maple wood barrel. Stay on the correct swing plane with the asymmetrical handle that is engineered biomechanically for a flush fit. That being said, the player will have a decreased chance of injury and better barrel accuracy. From the pros down to t-ball, this new technology has the people talking. However, we think you should try it for yourself. To add to all the great features of this bat, it also has a 120 day manufacturer’s warranty.


– The Axe handle gives the patter accelerated swing speed and efficient power transfer
– Has been proven to provide more comfort for the hitter and to reduce the chance of injury
– Increased performance and durability with one sided hitting barrel
– Hard maple composite built that features a 271 barrel design
– 120 day manufacturer’s warranty

DeMarini 2018 D243 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat

The DeMarini 2018 D243 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat might just end up being your favorite bat going forward. The D243 model has a slightly end loaded swing weight and a large barrel. All of DeMarini wood composite bats are allowed to be used in Short Season A, Rookie Ball and Perfect Game. From all the reviews we’ve seen, people seem to be impressed with the pop they are getting off this bat. Add to this that it is backed with a one year warranty, this bat might be the last one you have to get for a while.


– This bat has a large barrel and slightly end loaded swing weight
– Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on all DeMarini Wood Composite bats
– Approved for Perfect Game, Short Season A and Rookie Ball