Crash Pads

When it comes to climbing and bouldering, safety comes first. This doesn’t just mean carabiners and harnesses, but also crash pads. God forbid you fall off the wall or the boulder, you will have something there to catch your fall. These seem like universal ideas but you never know and if you don’t have a crash pad yet, you are probably here to get some ideas so that is what we will do.

Tis the season for bouldering and climbing so we want to give you some of the best rated options for crash pads on the market for the year. We know there are a lot more crash pads out there but for the novice that is looking for something to get started with, we hope this list is helpful to you.

Check out our list highly rated crash pads for the year!

Mad Rock Mad Pad

First on our list is the Mad Rock Mad Pad and it is here for a reason. Consistently, consistent is the way we see the Mad Pad and they’ve been doing it for years. This five inch thick, plush combination of closed and open cell foam allows for comfortable, but firm drops. This product offers a 1/3/1 construction, which means that it is 1” closed, 3” open and 1” closed. What this does is make the Mad Pad the choice for high balls. It is easy to transport with backpack straps and it has a chest and hip belt for even easier carrying options. The EZ attachment straps make it convenient to attach the Mad Pad to other pads to allow for a larger landing area.

Features & Specs

– Weight: 13.8 lbs.
– Closed: 37” x 25” x 10”
– Open: 37” x 50” x 5”
– Offers a waist belt, shoulder straps and handles for easy carrying

Metolius Session Crash Pad

The do-it-all, versatile pad comes in at a reasonable price for the shopper on a budget. The Metolius Session Crash Pad offers a flap closure system with stash pockets so you can keep all your belongings secure while you transport this pad. It’s got a 900d poly outer fabric that protects the pad from any damage that it might incur. It’s even got a cross clipper logo rug to clean your shoes, a waist belt, shoulder straps and handles for carrying. This is a solid pad for the price and the angled hinges eradicates the gutter.

Features & Specs

– Shoulder straps
– Waist belt
– Suitcase style carry handles
– Speed hook aluminum buckles
– Open size: 36” x 48” x 4”
– Folded size: 36” x 26” x 8”
– Weight: 9 lbs.
– Colors: orange/black, gray/black

Metolius Magnum Crash Pad

This tri-fold, massive pad comes in an easy carrying case and offers all the protection the more expensive crash pads offer. This is another hit by the group over at Metolius who have come out with successful product after product. The design of the Magnum Crash Pad is sandwich foam for ultimate impact absorption. It’s got 1” closed cell, top layer, 2.5” open cell center and 0.5” closed cell, base layer for performance. Body fabric is 900d offering max durability and the cross clipper logo rug give you a spot to clean off your shoes. In addition, the Magnum has large inner pocket to store shoes and bigger belongings while a smaller external pocket can hold things like your keys. Like it’s sister product on this page, the Magnum has an angle cut hinges to eliminate gutters. This also has aluminum buckles that have a lifetime guarantee. The closure flap is reversible to cover the shoulder straps while you are climbing. This is a little more pricey than other Metolius crash pads but it is worth it.

Features & Specs

– New sandwich foam design for ultimate absorption of impact
– Easy collapsing for transport or storage
– Angle cut hinges to rid gutters
– Giant 4’ x 6’ tri fold design with bigger 4” foam

Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Not only will this save your life but it is saving the environment one crash pad at a time. This new R3 crash pad by Mad Rock is made in part with recycled EVA foam that would normally just be disposed like anything else. For every one of these crash pads that is purchase, 15 pounds of EVA foam is reused and recycled. In addition, the suspension system is protected from moisture and dirt because the ground shield unfolds.

This a is a great addition to another pad to add as a top layer because of its extremely soft landings. This is also great for uneven and bumpy surfaces as it conforms or wraps around for maximum fall protection.

Features & Specs

– Weight: 17 to 20 lbs. because of the foam variance
– Dimensions: 55” x 35” 4”
– Made with recycled EVA foam
– Rugged 1680 denier nylon shell build that makes this one of the most durable pads

Skil-Care Crash Pad – Jumbo Foam Mat For Kids

To change it up a little bit, the Skil-Care Crash Pad – Jumbo Foam Mat For Kids is to make sure your kids have a fun place to land when they inevitably fall down. This bad is really soft and great for relaxing and sitting while still being durable enough to handle your kids and their friends jumping all over it. It is filled with soft foam to allow a good time and when your kids spill their food and drinks on the mat, it is easy to clean with spray disinfectant.

For those that would rather watch their kids fall on a crash pad than doing it themselves, this mat is perfect. It will take the worry out of everyday life knowing the kids are jumping and landing on this extremely durable and soft crash pad.

Features & Specs

– Durable construction
– Easy cleaning
– Removeable cover available separately
– Perfect for normal use or for children with sensory disorders
– Long lasting and safe foam