Cycling Backpack

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Many people that ride bikes for commuting, mountain biking or touring choose to use a cycling backpack to carry their belongings or anything they might need while out. While they have a lot of options like handlebar bags or panniers, a specific backpack for riding is usually they best and most efficient option.

Some of the reasons why a cycling backpack is a better option than a pannier rack are as follows:

– You don’t have to attach anything to the bike
– The distribution of weight on the bike isn’t affected
– If you need to swap bikes, there is no problem because the pack is on the rider

There are some reasons why people don’t wear backpacks when they ride. One of these reasons is that it gets a little warmer. However, a good, quality cycling backpack is made of lightweight material and include options for cooling and venting. In addition, you can use these backpacks to hold water or use it to store your items that you’re trying to transport.

However, if you are here, you are already looking for a cycling backpack and we want to help you find the one that will work best for you. This is why we are listing some of the best cycling backpacks. These are some of the highest rated cycling backpacks out there and that will be rolling.

Naturehike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag with Helmet Net

The Naturehike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag with Helmet Net comes first on our list because it is the least expensive one we will talk about and it is highly rated.

This pack is really functional and it comes at a low cost. It is also extremely comfortable and lightweight so depending on what you are carrying, you won’t feel like you are wearing much. It’s mostly a nylon pack with a ventilated shoulder girdle for keeping you cool. It’s breathable, has a slim design and docile. If you are looking for an affordable cycling backpack that will get the job done, you can’t go wrong with this option.


– Size: 50 x 33 x 18
– Capacity: 15 Liters
– Nylon fabric offers a waterproof ride so there is no leakage

Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

Vibrelli has come out with a cycling backpack that offers a high quality build for under $30. The high flow bite valve allows the rider to easily shut the bottle off so it won’t leak but it will give you a fast stream when you are ready to drink without dripping. The built in hydration bladder is made of medical grade material so you won’t taste anything but the water that you are looking forward too. In addition to all these great features, the Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder offers many storage options for you so you can carry your belongings without the pack looking bulky. This cycling pack only weighs 14 ounces, it’s easy to adjust and is great for more than just biking. You can use it for running or hiking as well.


– High quality water bladder technology
– Insulated hose and water bladder
– 420D Ripstop Fabric is water and tear resistant while offering breathable backpack shoulder straps
– Safety whistle for situations that might require help
– Visibility with reflective safety tabs
– Mesh pockets are easy to access
– External bungee straps for carrying extra belongings
– Adjustable waist straps and backpack chest to ensure the perfect fit
– Ergonomic side stabilizers on the waist strap stay close to your body
– Keep your keys secure with key attachment clip

Locallion Cycling Backpack

The Locallion Cycling Backpack offers all the options you need in a great backpack for the road at just $34.99. Overall, this is a great pack that won’t bog you down and it isn’t too big for comfort. It’s right inbetween. The overall build is really good and we are talking versus many higher priced backpacks. It has a long reflective stripe down the back of the bag so drivers and other riders can spot you more easily. The buckles and straps are high quality and clip in well. Some have complained about the zipper at times but outside of that, this bag offers you everything you need in a cycling backpack.


– Ergonomic design and well fastened for no shaking while riding at fast speeds
– Breathable back cushion for a comfortable ride and plenty of air flow
– Reflective strip so you can be seen and stay safe
– Waist support as well as comfortable shoulder straps with padded mesh material to give an even distribution of weight from shoulders and waist.
– Can be used for multiple activities like camping, hiking, school, travel or biking

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

For just under $40 you can get yourself the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack. This backpack is designed with a comfortable low profile cut. It’s got adjustable waist, chest and shoulder bands as well as a shock absorbing chest strap that will work with the rest of the harness to reduce the amount of bounce one would normally experience. It includes a 2 liter hydration bladder with a lightweight, kink free and durable sip tube with a push lock cushioned bite valve. It also has a 2 inch opening so you can clean it easily and put as much ice in there as you need. This 18 liter pack is comfortable, adjustable and will hold everything you need for your upcoming adventures.

It’s great for backpacking, camping, hiking and cycling or anyplace where you need to bring your belongings and a lot of water.


– BPA free, 2 liter hydration bladder with a kink free sip tube and their innovative push lock bite valve
– Adjustable at almost every point of this backpack for your comfort and an evenly distributed ride
– Low profile, athletic cut with full adjustments
– High density notched foam stabilizer and a mesh covering for all day comfort
– Large pockets with hidden teeth zipper
– Weather guard that will protect your belongings from the elements