Cycling Jerseys

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

If you just bought a new bike or you simply want to gear up for future rides, you will want to look into getting a top quality cycling jersey. A nice cycling jersey will make all of your future rides more comfortable and you will never want to ride without one ever again. On this page we will go over what you should look for from your next cycling jersey and we’ll share some of our favorites with you.

The thing you should care the most about when buying a new cycling jersey is the materials used because you want the jersey to be breathable and you want it to be able to absorb sweat well. Also, it’s vital that the jersey you buy fits you perfectly regardless of whether it is a short sleeve or long sleeve jersey.

Just like with every other type of product, there are good and bad cycling jerseys out there right now. Rather than trying to search for hours to find the perfect jersey, we recommend taking a look at the ones listed below. Each of these cycling jerseys is known for being top quality so you can be sure that you will be comfortable every time you’re out on your bike; plus, all of these jerseys come at affordable prices.

Sponeed Men’s Cycling Jerseys

This cycling jersey from sponeed is one of the most breathable and comfortable jerseys that you can buy right now. The polyester feels great on the skin and it does a great job of wicking moisture so you can stay dry for your entire ride. One of the coolest features on this jersey, though, is its rubber-coated elastic band, which was designed to keep the jersey in place no matter how much you move around on your bike. This is a jersey that has been approved by both amateurs and pro cyclists.


– Jersey made of a high quality polyester material
– Full-length zipper for easy entry and exit
– Stretchy material gives you full range of motion
– Very easy to wash
– 5 different colors to choose from
– Available in 5 different sizes
– 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Louis Garneau Lemmon 2 Cycling Jersey

This cycling jersey from Louis Garneau is one of the most stylish jerseys that you will find, but it is so much more than that. It uses a unique fabric and mesh mix to give you the maximum amount of breathability while also absorbing moisture and keeping you dry. It was designed specifically for warmer weather as it consistency keeps your body cool even after many miles on the trails. As an added bonus, it has a convenient side pocket for any small items you want to bring with you, such as your keys.


– Unique polyester and spandex blended material
– Designed to let cool air in and to keep sweat off of your body
– AirFit Mesh fabric is both soft and flexible
– Reflective logos and bands allow you to ride later
– 7 different colors to choose from
– 3 angled pockets
– Available in 6 different sizes

Santic Cycling Jersey Men’s Long Sleeve Bike Reflective Bicycle Shirts

What you get with this long sleeve cycling shirt from Santic is a comfortable and snug fit that feels great regardless of whether you are on your bike for a few miles or for a few hours. It has a unique color material that will keep you from chafing and the breathable fabric will keep you cool no matter how long you are on the bike. The hem strap is also of the highest quality, keeping the jersey still even when your whole body is moving while you’re riding.


– Made of a very lightweight and soft polyester material
– High quality moisture wicking strap at the neckline
– 3 rear pockets with elastic straps
– Reflective stripes on the neck, back, and waist
– 3 different colors to choose from (White, Navy Blue, and Gray)
– Available in 7 different sizes

Spotti Men’s Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This very affordable cycling jersey from Spotti feels amazing on your skin and it was designed to manage moisture just as well as the premium cycling jerseys do. The arms and the body of the jersey have a slightly looser fit than other jerseys, which a lot of people like because it keeps the shirt in position even when moving around. The moisture wicking properties of the jersey also do an excellent job of keeping you dry while also preventing the jersey from sticking to your skin when you sweat. It is a lightweight cycling jersey that gets the job done and it costs about half the price of other similar jerseys.


– Lightweight and durable polyester material
– Breathable fabric that does a great job of moisture wicking
– Reflective logo on the front and back of the jersey
– 12 inch front zipper
– 7 different colors to choose from
– Available in 7 different sizes
– 90 day no risk guarantee included

Lixada Men’s Cycling Jersey Set

This very high quality cycling jersey and shorts set from Lixada was designed specifically for people who like to spend many hours per week on their bikes. The set does an amazing job of transferring heat so you feel cool throughout your rides. Other great features include three rear pockets for holding multiple items and a thick padded cushion in the shorts to keep you comfortable on your seat. If you’re looking for a complete cycling set, this is one of the best you will find and it is actually quite affordable.


– Made of a high quality polyester fabric
– Great heat transfer to keep cool air in
– Silicone grippers to keep jersey and pants in place
– 3 large rear pockets in shorts
– Anti-bacteria padded cushion with multiple air vents
– 5 different colors to choose from
– Available in 5 different sizes