DraftDay Review

Draftday Review

Created in 2012, Draftday is one of the oldest daily fantasy sites out there and is one of the most respected sites of its kind. While there are a couple of more popular fantasy sports websites out there, Draftday is still considered to be one of the most well-rounded fantasy sports providers in the industry.

Games Offered

When you go to Draftday, you will be able to bet on all of the major American sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games. However, you will need to check each sport individually do see what types of fantasy games they offer for them. Below you will find some of the most popular games that you can play at Draftday.

Live Draft – This is the fantasy game that you should know if you’ve ever played fantasy sports in the past. All you have to do in a live draft is pick a team of players in a draft format and face off against a pre-determined number of opponents.

Pick ‘Em – If you don’t like being limited by a salary cap, you will probably like the Pick ‘Em option. This game allows people to pick players based on a team list with no salary restrictions. Of course, you will be limited to the players offered, but you won’t have to worry about being careful with your salary.

Rapid Fire – This is kind of like the daily fantasy sports version of the over/under. When playing Rapid Fire, you are going to try to pick the better performer out of two players. If you get the majority of your choices right, you will win.

Turbo – Rather than betting on all of the games on a given day, Turbo adds the extra challenge of only being able to pick players from the early games. This game tests players’ skills since you pretty much have to include pick players you normally wouldn’t in the standard draft format.

Brackets – Bracket style fantasy games are a bit different than the other daily fantasy offerings. Instead of picking just one set of players, you will be battling it out over a three or four-day period, trying to come away with the highest score. As the name suggests, you will be in a bracket and the winners will move on to the next rounds until one player comes out on top.

Target – This is a fun game to play since you will be trying to reach a specific amount of points rather than just trying to beat everyone else. Draftday will set a target point total, and you will need to meet or exceed that total to win.

Fifty-Fifty Games – If you like fantasy games that are less risky, then you will probably be a fan of this one. This is a standard fantasy draft game, but half of the players will end up splitting the prize pool. You can’t win as much money by playing Fifty-Fifty, but you definitely up your chances of winning.

The Good

Ask anyone who has used Draftday about their interface and chances are they will say that it is one of the best. Even if you are new to daily fantasy sports, you will probably have a very easy time navigating Draftday since everything is clearly laid out. From the top menu, you can quickly filter out all of the games that you aren’t interested in so you can focus in on the games you want to play. As you can see above, Draftday has a huge selection of games to play. This is the type of thing that you want from your daily fantasy site since you can quickly end a cold streak by switching your focus do a different game format. Plus, you will find that most of those games are a blast to play and it keeps things fresh for daily users.

Draftday does an excellent job of constantly offering their customers plenty of promos. Their most popular offering, the $1,000,000 Perfect Lineup, allows players the chance to win a million bucks by picking the players with the highest scoring totals from their respective positions. That is just one of many great promos that you will regularly find at Draftday. Depositing and withdrawing funds at Draftday couldn’t be easier. Every transaction is quick, and they even allow their customers to deposit or get paid out via PayPal. Daily fantasy sites have come to be known for their banking issues, but that is definitely not the case at Draftday.

The Not So Good

One thing that Draftday does not have is an app, which is unfortunate since apps usually make using daily fantasy sites much easier. You can use the mobile version of their site, but that basically just shrinks the normal site and can be a bit tough to use. Once Draftday adds in a legitimate app for mobile users, there really won’t be too much to complain about. Draftday’s reward system is pretty good, but it’s definitely not the best. You get points for every bet that you make, but they reset your points every month. This means that even if you are just a few points away from one of their rewards, you will lose those points as soon as a new month starts. That’s not going to be a problem for people who know that they will be betting a lot, but more casual bettors will have a tough time meeting the minimums.

If you’re the type of bettor who likes to do your research before adding a player to your roster, you might not like the lack of information on Draftday. They aren’t as quick as other daily fantasy sites on updating injury information, and you will probably want to go to another site to find advanced stats on each of your players.

Overall Opinion

Draftday is an excellent daily fantasy site and one that most people would be happy to use. They have a great selection of games to play, and they even allow their customers to play a number of daily freeroll games! While it would be great if they would develop a Draftday app, pretty much everything else that the company offers is top-notch.