Fungo Bats

Searching for a great fungo bat can be just as long of a process as finding any other bat that you need. You want to make sure you’ve got a quality bat and you don’t want to break the bank while doing it.

A fungo bat is used by coaches to hit fly balls to outfielders and grounders to the infielders. They are generally made of metal or wood and they are lighter than a traditional bat used in games. Fungo bats are usually lighter bats as well and this makes it possible to hit more balls more often. You can toss the ball in the air and still control the bat in the other hand to make for efficient practices.

You might be wondering what makes a good fungo bat. Fungo bat manufacturers should focus on giving the person swinging the bat the best balance possible with proper weight distribution. Some of the manufacturers that make wood fungo bats focus on taking the wood they can’t use which is shortchanging the customer. Make sure you look for the drop weight and if it doesn’t have one, you might not be getting as good a fungo bat.

That said, we wanted to do a lot of the work for you and make a list of some of the best fungo bats of 2019. These fungo bats are all highly rated and well-reviewed and are some of the best of the season. We hope this list makes your shopping experience a little easier.

Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat

The Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Bat is the perfect bat to hit those fly balls and ground balls to your players. There is no need to get tired while you’re at practice and this bat was designed to the coaches to easily be able to hit those ground balls to the infield and fly balls to the outfield. The end weight design and unique shape of the Slugger fungo bats make them very easy to swing and lightweight. It is made of flexible and strong northern white ash material. It’s got a lightweight design and a natural wood finish.


– Made of Northern White Ash
– Barrel is 2 ¼” diameter
– Barrel is end loaded
– Natural finish
– Turning Model K100
– Lightweight model for longer practices

Rawlings Northern Ash Wood Fungo Bat

The Rawlings Northern Ash Wood Fungo Bat has a cupped barrel for a really lightweight design to keep the coaches energetic and the practices flowing. This bat is made of Norther Ash and the barrel is 2 ¼ inches in diameter and weighs around 1.6 lbs. That said, it isn’t as lightweight as many other fungo bats. For a fungo, this bat is considered heavy but it is something that you can get used to pretty easily. It’s extra-long to control with less effort and to use more easily. It’s got a natural wood barrel with a stylish black handle.


– Lightweight fungo bat that has been designed specifically for fielding practice
– Perfect for pop flies to the outfield and grounders for the infield
– Made of Northern Ash wood
– Has a cupped barrel for a balanced and light design
– 35 inch bat makes it easy to swing and handle with less effort

BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34

The BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat is built from all natural bamboo to give you a durable fungo bat that you won’t have to worry about breaking on you. However, if someone does make a mistake and hits the ball in the wrong spot, BamBooBat will pay for the replacement and send you a new one within 100 days. They use a patent pending Quadcore technology that has the ball jumping off the bat. This technology gives this bat the kind of balanced feel that you wouldn’t normally see in a bamboo bat. That said, it is a great looking fungo bat that will go the distance with you.


– Get this fungo bat in 34” or 37”
– 7/8 inch handle
– This is an all-purpose fungo bat that allows for high deep flies and ground ball shots
– Made of bamboo which is one of the strongest materials out there

Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Baseball Bat

The Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Baseball Bat is considered one of the best fungo bats for the price. This is a nice bat with really good feel. It is made with durable and tough North American maple and features a big engraved barrel with a cupped end that makes it easy and light to swing. It’s got 7/8” handle, the barrel load is end loaded cupped and will last you for multiple seasons. There is no warranty on this bat so hit it clean, but outside of that, this is an overall great fungo bat.


– 37” fungo bat
– This bat was constructed of North American maple
– Has a cupped end and a laser engraved barrel
– The handle is 7/8” for great feel and long practices
– This fungo bat looks great and is perfect for ground balls and pop flies

Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat

The Mizuno Classic Fungo Bat can be purchased for around $70 and that is an easy price to swallow when you realize the quality fungo bat that you are getting through Mizuno. This bat is very lightweight and gives coaches the durability and feel that is wanted out of any fungo bat.

This bat has a two toned color that looks great and the weight and size seem to be perfect for those long practices. You don’t want to get tired while you are out there with the team and the feel of this bat will ensure that you go the distance. Some have complained about this bat breaking but like all fungo bats, if you keep hitting the ball in the wrong place it is going to break.


– Composite Chinese Whitewood build
– Get maximum durability and performance with multiple piece of Chinese Whitewood
– Very lightweight design
– Great feel
– Top of the line durability