Garrett Hampson vs Myles Straw Stats

Hampson is sitting with a batting average of .235 for his career in baseball in addition to 178 runs scored and an OPS of .664. During his time in professional baseball, he faced a pitcher 1,400 times and has come through with a base hit 298 times. His slugging percentage is .368 and he has racked up 466 bases. In his pro baseball career, Hampson has drilled 27 balls out of the park while driving in 99 runs. He has struck out 373 times and earned a walk on 106 occasions, which has contributed to a .296 on-base percentage.

During the 1,489 at-bats in his pro career, Straw has accrued an average at the plate of .244 in addition to having 364 hits. His on-base percentage sits at .320 and he has earned a career OPS of .630. He has tallied 220 runs and also has 106 runs batted in. Straw has tallied a free base 166 times while being called out on strikes on 298 tries. He has homered 5 times, as well as 461 total bases and a .310 slugging %.

Garrett Hampson vs Myles Straw Stats

Garrett HampsonCareerMyles Straw
463Games Played466
1,400Plate Appearances1,674
27Home Runs5
99Runs Batted In106
55Stolen Bases77
13Caught Stealing11
.235Batting Average.244
.296On-Base Percentage.320
.368Slugging Percentage.310
466Total Bases461
13Grounded Into Double Plays24
7Hit By Pitch4

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Hampson has recorded 38 bases in total with 26 base knocks out of 109 at-bats. He has notched 12 runs over the course of the season and has hit 1 balls out of the park. He has accounted for a batting average of .239 in addition to holding an OPS of .651. He has accumulated an OBP of .303 with 8 walks and 32 strikeouts. So far this season, Garrett Hampson has knocked in 9 runs and also is sitting with a slugging percentage of .349.

Straw has accumulated 55 bases in total with 44 base hits in 191 at-bats. He has accrued an on-base percentage of .308 with 21 walks and 44 strikeouts. So far this year, Myles Straw has knocked in 10 runs and has accrued a slugging percentage of .288. He has racked up 23 runs on the year and has hit 0 balls over the fence. He has accounted for a batting average when batting of .230 in addition to having an OPS of .596.

Garrett Hampson (2023)StatMyles Straw (2023)
44Games Played58
121Plate Appearances216
12Runs Scored23
1Home Runs0
9Runs Batted In10
3Stolen Bases10
0Caught Stealing1
.239Batting Average.230
.303On-Base Percentage.308
.349Slugging Percentage.288
38Total Bases55
1Grounded Into Double Play5
2Hit By Pitch1