Gym Timers

No matter if you are training Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing or just working out in intervals, having a gym timer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your gym. It makes it so much easier to set up your training drills and work outs so there is a consistent flow to the training and the kind of breaks that you know you would want for you and your fighter. Many people will have the apps on their phone but believe us when we tell you it is so much easier to have a gym timer on the wall. A remote control is a plus as well.

That being said, we aren’t the only ones that know how important it is to have a gym timer as many companies have built all sorts of gym timers with different features. We know the decision isn’t easy and looking at everything can be a bit overwhelming. This is why we have created a list of some of the best and highest rated gym timers of this year and 2019. In this post we will post a description of the item and talk about some of the features that make them stand out from the rest. Check out our list and get your own gym timer!

Eu 1.5″ 6 Digits Interval Timer Programmable Led Countdown / Up Stopwatch

In terms of a home gym timers, the Eu 1.5″ 6 Digits Interval Timer Programmable Led Countdown / Up Stopwatch is everything you will want out of a gym timer. For under $60, you get everything you need in a gym timer. The manual is very easy and straightforward. There is an option for interval training and the stopwatch feature goes up and down. One thing to keep in mind when you are using the countdown and count up features, there is a 10 second countdown before it starts. Not a big deal, but it’s something you should know.

The display light is bright, clear and adjustable. Some have complained about the volume of the buzzer but it worked great for us.


– Counter has interval functions
– Stopwatch mode works with minutes, seconds and milliseconds
– Brightness levels have 10 adjustable levels
– Remote works up to 30 feet away

BTBSIGN 2.3″ Programmable LED Interval Timer Countdown Clock Stopwatch

The BTBSIGN 2.3″ Programmable LED Interval Timer Countdown Clock Stopwatch is all you need it terms of a clock that works great for anything you need gym related. This clock will allow you to set up a timer for every exercise that you’re doing. It is big enough to see from a distance and the buzzer comes through over the music.

Some of the best features of this clock include the remote control, the timer is able to keep time in both 12 and 24 hour time styles, it’s got a stopwatch, countdown and count up timers and alternate time for training and rest. Great for sports like MMA, wrestling and boxing, this timer will be the last one you need.


– Can set many groups of training time mixed with rest time
– It can countdown to zero or count up
– Stopwatch goes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds
– Comes with remote

HongHao 4inch 2G4R GYM Crossfit Timer LED Interval Timer

The HongHao 4inch 2G4R GYM Crossfit Timer LED Interval Timer is great timer with all the features you would ever need. The 4 inch display screen is fantastic and you can see it from anywhere in the gym. However, some have said the volume is very low and non-adjustable. That being said, this is a great timer for a small space and you aren’t cranking the music. It does have a plethora of other features that will make up for this. It features a multi-functional led timer that has a real clock, countdown timer, count up timer and interval counter functions for your enjoyment. This clock runs around $150 and you will see the quality when you purchase this timer.


– Made of aluminum alloy of a high quality
– Size is 27 in x 6.3 in x 1.575 in
– Digit height is set at 4 inches
– Timer is in HH:MM format
– Comes with remote control

Flex Timer – Home Edition

For $169 you can get your hands on the GymNext Flex Timer. This timer mixes an easy to use interval timer app and a crystal clear LED display to create one of the most powerful and best gym timers that have ever been created.

This timer has a compact 2.3 inch display screen with LED digits that are in red and blue colors to be more visible and the buzzer reaches 85 decibels which you keep you on the right pace for whatever work out you are partaking in.

With six different timer modes that include Tabata, EMOM, round, laps, standard and interval, you create a great number of custom workouts that you can save for future workouts. It also has an audio sync features that will allow you to use a Bluetooth or wired speaker to replace or augment the buzzer on the timer. Overall, a fantastic timer.


– Control this interval training timer with your smartwatch, tablet or smartphone
– Great for wrestling, Crossfit, MMA and other sports with rounds
– 2.3 inch LED display
– 85 decibel buzzer
– Works great with external speakers or Bluetooth

iheartsynergee Premium LED Programmable Crossfit Interval Wall Timer

The Synergee XL Programmable Wall Timer is top of the line when it comes to gym and home timers. With a completely customizable system and a dynamic display, this timer will you to push harder than you have ever pushed and it will keep track of your WOD’s or any workout you are trying to track. From the length of rest and number of rounds to the length of work, it can all be adjusted to suit the needs of whoever is using this. Believe us when we say that this timer is worth the money that you are paying.


– Countdown and count up timers gives the athlete options when training
– EMOM is also known as “Every Minute on the Minute” and these are great for keeping the heart rate
– Tabata functions offer 10 and 20 rounds
– Stopwatch function allows athletes to time workouts down to even fractions of a second