J.D. Martinez vs Jose Altuve Stats

Martinez has earned a batting average of .287 for his career in addition to 849 scored runs and an OPS of .874. He has struck out 1,564 times and has gotten a free base on 552 occasions, contributing to a .350 on-base %. For his professional baseball career, Martinez has hit 313 baseballs over the fence while driving in 997 runs. His career slugging percentage is .524 and he has racked up 2,985 bases. During his time in professional baseball, he came to bat 6,349 times and has reached base with a base hit 1,634 times.

Altuve has drawn a free base 553 times while going down on strikes on 907 chances. His on-base percentage sits at .364 and he has earned a lifetime OPS of .835. He has recorded 1,061 runs and also has 747 RBIs. He has hit the long ball 209 times, with 3,131 total bases and also a .471 slugging percentage. For the 6,648 at-bats in his MLB career, Altuve has an average at the plate of .307 in addition to having 2,043 base hits.

J.D. Martinez vs Jose Altuve Stats

J.D. MartinezCareerJose Altuve
1,517Games Played1,664
6,349Plate Appearances7,343
313Home Runs209
997Runs Batted In747
26Stolen Bases292
11Caught Stealing83
.287Batting Average.307
.350On-Base Percentage.364
.524Slugging Percentage.471
2,985Total Bases3,131
178Grounded Into Double Plays179
34Hit By Pitch69

Over the course of this season, J.D. Martinez has knocked in 98 runs and also has a slugging percentage of .574. He has tallied an OBP of .325 in addition to 34 walks and 140 strikeouts. Martinez has a tally of 236 bases in total with 112 hits out of 411 at-bats. He has accumulated a batting average at the plate of .273 with an OPS of .899. He has racked up 59 runs for the season and has drilled 31 balls over the fence.

Altuve has accounted for 183 total bases with 108 base knocks in 343 at-bats. He has notched 75 runs for the season and has hit 17 balls out of the park. He is sitting with a batting average at the plate of .315 in addition to having an OPS of .933. He has amassed an on-base percentage of .399 with 44 free passes and 67 strikeouts. Since the start of the season, Jose Altuve has batted in 51 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .534.

J.D. Martinez (2023)StatJose Altuve (2023)
108Games Played86
458Plate Appearances393
59Runs Scored75
31Home Runs17
98Runs Batted In51
1Stolen Bases13
0Caught Stealing2
.273Batting Average.315
.325On-Base Percentage.399
.574Slugging Percentage.534
236Total Bases183
11Grounded Into Double Play8
2Hit By Pitch5