Jesse Winker vs Jose Altuve Stats

Jesse WinkerCareerJose Altuve
413Games Played1,437
1,523Plate Appearances6,346
66Home Runs164
190Runs Batted In639
3Stolen Bases261
3Caught Stealing80
.288Batting Average.308
.385On-Base Percentage.360
.504Slugging Percentage.462
661Total Bases2,667
35Grounded Into Double Plays158
24Hit By Pitch54

Winker has raked .288 for his career in baseball in addition to 214 scored runs and an OPS of .888. Over the course of his pro career, he came to bat 1,523 times and also came through with a hit 378 times. His slugging percentage sits at .504 and he has a total of 661 bases. For his career, Winker has hit 66 balls over the fence while driving in 190 runs. He has struck out 251 times and earned a walk on 183 occasions, contributing to a .385 OBP.

Altuve has drawn a walk 443 times while being called out on strikes on 753 tries. His on-base percentage is .360 and he holds a career OPS of .821. He is sitting with 883 runs in addition to having 639 RBIs. He has gone yard 164 times, with 2,667 bases in total and a .462 slugging percentage. In the 5,778 at-bats in his MLB career, Altuve has accrued an average at the plate of .308 in addition to 1,777 hits.

Jesse WinkerStatJose Altuve
110Games Played146
485Plate Appearances678
77Runs Scored117
24Home Runs31
71Runs Batted In83
1Stolen Bases5
0Caught Stealing3
.305Batting Average.278
.394On-Base Percentage.350
.556Slugging Percentage.489
235Total Bases294
14Grounded Into Double Play9
9Hit By Pitch4

This season, Winker has tallied 77 runs, recorded 71 RBI and has 24 home runs. He has taken a base 53 times and has accumulated an on-base percentage of .394. Winker has recorded 129 hits in 423 AB’s for a batting average of .305. He has been struck out 75 times (235th in baseball) while compiling 235 total bases. He has recorded an OPS of 0.950 (23rd in the league) in addition to a slugging % of .556.

Altuve has recorded 294 total bases with 167 hits (18th in the league) in 601 at-bats. He has recorded an OBP of .350 with 66 walks and 91 strikeouts. For this campaign, Altuve has batted in 83 runs and has amassed a slugging percentage of .489. He has racked up 117 runs on the season and has drilled 31 balls out of the park. He is sitting with a average when batting of .278 in addition to holding an OPS of .839.