Kayak Rod Holders

Kayak rod holders allow kayakers to sit back and relax out on the water and not have to worry about holding their rods while waiting for the fish to bite. Some kayaks do come with rod holders preinstalled, but there are plenty of recreational kayaks that don’t have that feature. What’s great is that you can now buy one or more rod holders that will fit perfectly on your boat regardless of its size.

If you are in the market for one or more kayak rod holders, you will want to find some that fit perfectly on your kayak and that will last you many years. Also, you’ll want to think about whether you want removable rod holders or the ones that you can permanently mount to your kayak.

A lot of people assume that picking kayak rod holders is easy, but the truth is with so many different companies making them these days it can be kind of hard to find the perfect ones for your kayak. Well, that’s why we’re here! Below you will find some of the top kayak rod holders available today. They’re considered the best because they are made by some of the most trusted companies in the industry and they have been used and approved by people just like you.

Brocraft Power Lock Fully Adjustable Rod Holder

Brocraft Rod Holder

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There is a lot to like about these rod holders from Brocraft. First off, they really are fully adjustable so you can have them facing absolutely any direction inside your kayak. Secondly, they are easy to adjust, so you will never have to worry about having to figure out how to get your rods to face the right directions. Lastly, these kayak rod holders are about as durable as they come so if you like them, you won’t need to buy more anytime soon.


– Fiber-glass injected nylon construction
– Can be mounted on the side or top deck of your kayak
– Fully adjustable rotation so you can easily shift around with your rod
– Locking ring for when you need the rod to be still
– Built specifically to be able to last through many days out on the water
– 2 rod holder sin the pack

Multi Outools Plastic Flush Mount Fishing Boat Rod Holder with Cap Cover

Multi Outools Fishing Rod Holder

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These high quality rod holders from Multi Outools easily fit onto just about any kayak in the world. They are made of a durable ABS material that is also lightweight and it is a very simple process mounting them onto a kayak. A lot of people like this design because it is just a one step process to adjust your rod into a better position. On top of all of that, you are getting four high quality kayak rod holders for the same price as two from many other companies.


– High quality plastic construction built for long life
– Very light so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your kayak
– Very easy to install on any kayak
– Easily adjustable to get the most natural position possible
– 8 inches long, 1.6 inches wide
– 4 rod holders included in the package

ACSTERB Plastic Flush Mount Fishing Boat Rod Holder and Cap Cover

ACSTERB Plastic Flush Mount Rod Holder

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The reason why these kayak rod holders from ACSTERB are so well liked is because they used the classic design everyone knows but with higher quality components. Once you’ve installed these kayak rod holders, you can be sure that they will be in good shape for a very long time. They are also much easier to install than other rod holders as it just takes screwing in three screws and then you’re done. Plus, you really aren’t going to find a pair of rod holders of this quality for a lower price.


– Made of a high quality ABS plastic material
– 30 degree angle head allows the rod to naturally rotate up and down
– Very quick to install compared to similar rod holders
– Built to last many years on the water
– 2 rod holders included in the package

YakAttack Omega Rod Holder with LockNLoad Track Mounting Base

YakAttack Omega Rod Holder

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This premium rod holder from YakAttack is a bit more expensive than the other rod holders on this list, but it is also the highest quality rod holder you’re going to find. It is also the type of rod holder that works just as well on boats and docks as it does on kayaks, so you can take it just about everywhere with you when you want to fish. It can hold any rod firmly thanks to its unique LockNLoad system and it can be adjusted a full 360 degrees.


– 360 degree rotating collar
– 3 modes: Locked, Adjustment, and Removal
– Built to be a rod holder that works on any type of boat, including kayaks
– No slip when removing your rod thanks to the LockNLoad track base
– One of the sleeker looking kayak rod holders on the market today

Bekith 2 Pack Adjustable Powerlock Rod Holder with Combo Mount

Bekith 2 Pack Powerlock Rod Holder

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These rod holders from Bekith are very popular right now because they have a lot of deluxe features but they are priced like much simpler kayak rod holders. They can be adjusted in any direction you need them to go and they can be mounted in multiple positions. Plus, they are detachable so you can quickly grab your rod when something big is on the line. All in all, this is pretty close to being a premium set of kayak rod holders but at a hugely discounted price.


– Can be mounted in multiple positions on your kayak
– Fully adjustable up and down to give you the best angles for your rod
– Rotates 360 degrees
– Spring loaded tension knobs allow you to get quick and easy adjustments
– Easily detached when you’re not using your kayak
– Also excellent for shore fishing
– 2 rod holders included in the package