Kevin Kiermaier vs Ramon Laureano Stats

Kiermaier is sitting with a batting average of .250 for his career in baseball with 432 runs scored and an OPS of .720. Over the course of his pro career, he came to bat 3,502 times and has delivered a base hit 799 times. His career slugging percentage is .410 in addition to having tallied 1,309 bases. In his career, Kiermaier has hit 85 balls out of the park while driving in 330 runs. He has gone down on strikes 765 times and has taken a walk on 246 occasions, contributing to a .310 on-base %.

In the 1,596 official at-bats in his MLB career, Laureano has recorded a batting average of .247 in addition to 394 base hits. His on-base % is .318 and he has a lifetime OPS of .757. He has amassed 238 runs in addition to having 195 RBIs. Laureano has drawn a free base 124 times while fanning on 479 attempts. He has hit a home run 67 times, as well as 702 total bases and also a .440 slugging percentage.

Kevin Kiermaier vs Ramon Laureano Stats

Kevin KiermaierCareerRamon Laureano
955Games Played443
3,502Plate Appearances1,783
85Home Runs67
330Runs Batted In195
117Stolen Bases48
36Caught Stealing15
.250Batting Average.247
.310On-Base Percentage.318
.410Slugging Percentage.440
1,309Total Bases702
43Grounded Into Double Plays27
36Hit By Pitch48

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This year, Kiermaier has scored 22 runs, accrued 14 runs batted in and has earned 3 home runs. He has struck out 29 times while accumulating 65 bases in total. He has amassed an OPS of 0.831 with a SLG of .471. He has earned a free base 10 times and has accounted for an on-base percentage of .360. Kiermaier has 43 base knocks out of 138 AB’s for an average at the plate of .312.

Laureano has 54 bases in total with 28 base hits in 136 at-bats. He has notched 13 runs for the season and has knocked 5 balls over the fence. He has earned a batting average when batting of .206 in addition to having an OPS of .642. He has accumulated an OBP of .245 with 5 free passes and 46 K’s. So far this year, Ramon Laureano has knocked in 11 runs and also has a slugging percentage of .397.

Kevin Kiermaier (2023)StatRamon Laureano (2023)
41Games Played36
151Plate Appearances143
22Runs Scored13
3Home Runs5
14Runs Batted In11
5Stolen Bases3
0Caught Stealing0
.312Batting Average.206
.360On-Base Percentage.245
.471Slugging Percentage.397
65Total Bases54
5Grounded Into Double Play3
1Hit By Pitch2