LED Headlamps

If you have been camping more than once, you have probably come to the realization that holding a flashlight while you are using the bathroom or shuffling through items looking for something isn’t the easiest task. If you have only just started to realize the pain in the butt it can be to carry a flashlight around, then you aren’t alone. This is the time you should move up to an LED headlamp to help you navigate the night while camping.

Now that you are here and you’ve determined that you want an LED headlamp, the issue is finding the right one for you. There are many factors that come into play when looking for a new headlamp. First comes the price so you have to determine how much money you want to spend. The less you spend, the bulkier the headlamp will be. It might also be made from cheaper products and you might go through your batteries quickly. However, there is a headlight for everyone. That being said, we are going to share with you some of the lesser expensive headlamps as well as some that cost a little more

Because there are so many LED headlamps out there that go for less than $10, we are going to talk about the ones that are little nicer. Check out our list of highly rated LED headlamps.

Boruit LED Headlamp

For $24.99 you can buy the LED headlamp by Boruit and you’d be getting a fine product for a reasonable price if you did. This headlamp is a little heavier and you should expect that when you aren’t paying as much but it is really bright and if you don’t might the extra weight, this headlamp is worth it. There are four settings for different types of light and it a simple button and features for easy use. It is quick charging and durable. All of these above reasons are why it is rated so highly.


– Has USB line – Smiley face design on the USB port makes this headlamp fun
– Comes with car charger for getting battery life while you’re on the road
– Standard US charger for home charging
– Batteries are 3000mAh and rechargeable so you don’t have to keep buying batteries

Wangcai LED Headlamp

This LED headlamp by Wangcai comes in at a reasonable $18.99 and is worth every penny as far as we can tell. Through our testing, this headlamp seems to do the trick for anyone needing some illumination at night. There are some features on this headlamp that make it better than many of the others. One of these features that the headlamp is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about all those AA batteries. You get three different variations of light including low light, high light and a strobe. This headlamp is also durable as it comes in water resistant casing and uses waterproof wiring. This will do the job if you are looking for something to wear around the campsite.


– Comes with one LED bulb
– Made of Aluminum alloy
– Weighs 10.6 ounces
– Battery is 3.7v
– Comes with two 18650 batteries
– USB cable

Bjour Max 2000 Lumens Adjustable LED Headlamp Headlight

The Bjour Max 2000 LED headlamp is a great product and offers most of the features of the headlamps we already talked about and even more. First of all, you are going to get great battery life from this product. In the testing it got around 6 hours of battery life in the low beam mode while the high beam mode gave us 4 hours. The USB plug is also really intuitive and changes color when it is charged. If you are looking for a solid LED headlamp to use, you can’t go wrong with the Bjour Max 2000.


– LED bulb that has a lifetime of 100,000 hours
– Made of Aluminum material and waterproof
– Three switch modes
– Zoomable and can light anywhere from 200 to 500 meters
– Powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries
– Comes with USB and car charger as well as wall charger

MsForce LED headlamp

The LED headlamp by MsForce is a great product for around $30. This headlamp is bright! It offers 6000 lumens of white light so you will not be in the dark in any situation. It comes stock with three LED bulbs that are attached to a pivot mount that allows for the lights to be adjusted 90 degrees without moving your head to compensate. What makes this headlamp different from the others is that it has four modes and one of the modes is a battery saving mode so you can get even more life out of the rechargeable batteries that it comes stock with. No matter if you are wearing it down in the basement or on a camping trip, the LED headlamp by MsForce is the perfect choice for you.


– No more AA batteries.
– Three high performance LED bulbs that give you 6000 Lumens
– Really adjustable for a nice and comfortable fit
– Comes in water resistant casing
– LED Bulbs are connected to a pivot mount which makes it this headlamp super adjustable
– Extreme 180° wide lighting area
– Four modes of light including a battery saving mode
– 7 year warranty

Fenix HL60R 950 Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Finally, we have the Fenix HL60R Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp. This headlamp comes in at about $75 and we’ll tell you why it is worth every penny. You are getting all the features that you saw in these other headlamps and more. You can put the headlamp in eco mode to get you over 100 hours of light time with the 18650 rechargeable batteries. You get great penetration and superior definition in the most humid environments with the Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LED bulbs. You get six different modes in this headlamp and the beam can reach up to 127 yards. It is also the most durable headlamp of the ones we listed as it’s made of high grade aluminum and has a Premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish. The glass lens is tough and extra clear with a coating that is anti-reflective.


– 50,000 hours lifespan for Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral White LED light
– Powered by two CR123A batteries or one 18650 Li-ion battery
– Maintain constant brightness with digitally regulated output
– Protect from improper battery installation with reverse polarity protection
– Easy and quick operation with side switch
– Charging cable features Micro USB port