Left Handed Baseball Gloves

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

A great glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a player can buy. Many think it is the final piece of equipment in what you would need to make that stab at shortstop or robbing that homerun in the 9th. Not all gloves are created equal in terms of quality. There are many factors to consider when buying and, in this case, the most important factor is that the glove be for a left handed thrower.

No matter which glove you choose to buy, the position you play is going to make a difference in the kind of glove you purchase. For the most part, you are going to want a smaller glove if you play the infield so you can make quick transitions from the glove to the hand to throw people out. On the other h and, you’ll need a bigger glove with a deeper pocket if you are in the outfield to offer more room and control when you catch the ball.

All that said, there are still a lot of options out there in terms of picking a high quality left handed baseball glove. This is why we’ve compiled this list of some of our favorite baseball gloves for lefties. This list will provide a product description and list of features so you can make a more informed decision when you are ready to buy.

Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

The Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Glove is new for the 2019 season and a great option for the left handed player that needs a more affordable option when it comes to baseball gloves. This glove is part of the Franklin line of quality synthetic leather baseball gloves for the recreational player. This is a well-made glove that utilizes a more durable and thicker synthetic material. This company is able to copy the durability and softness of real leather to offer the player the same performance characteristics. This glove features a hand formed pocket under the webbing for a custom feel. Great glove for a great price!


– Durable crafted premium synthetic leather that is thick and made to feel like premium leather
– Contour Fit System offers custom thumb adjustments
– Hand formed pocket that makes it easy to scoop a ground ball or catch a fly ball
– Size is 10.5” which a great overall size that can be used for any position
– Left handed glove

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove runs around $50 and it is a great looking glove that will stand the test of time as well as the wear and tear. This left handed glove is 12.5” which makes it good for the outfield and the infield alike. The Player Preferred Series is one of Rawlings most popular series and for good reason. The break in on this glove is already at around 80% so that doesn’t leave you much to do. It’s got a full grain leather design that is strong and durable while the comfort construction is featured through the Zero Shock palm padding that will absorb the impact. This glove is perfect for the recreational ball player and has left handed options.


– 12.5” glove that is perfect for both the infield and outfield
– Maximum protection with the Zero Shock palm padding
– Game ready feel with the quick and easy break in already at 80%
– Easy adjustable fit with the conventional back with Flex Loop Velcro strap

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series

The Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series offers beautiful leather gloves in many lengths and for both lefties and righties. This is one of the most popular Pro Level baseball glove in the series because of all the features. The throwback glove has a classic look that is also rich, rugged and naturally pre-oiled so it breaks in fast and feels great. Every glove from this series has a new Roll Welting and super soft palm to increase the support and structure through each finger slot. Everyone one of these gloves is certified by the Mizuno Glove Technicians and they have been through rigorous tests.


– The glove features professional patterns
– Classic throwback look make of premium leather
– Roll Welting
– Ultra soft palm liner to absorb some of the impact from the ball
– Extremely quick break in will have you on the field in no time

Shoeless Joe Gloves H Web Brown Glove

Another fine left handed baseball glove for the 2019 season is the Shoeless Joe Gloves H Web Brown Glove. All gloves that come from the Shoeless Joe series are made of tanned 100% cowhide leather that has been treated with the Antique Tobacco Tanning process that is trademarked. Each glove is put together and hand laced. The ingredients used on this glove give it the old time look that it has. There is little break in time needed and you can feel it when you put your hand inside. No matter if you are playing softball or baseball, Shoeless Joe has a glove that is going to work well for you.


– This glove requires little to no breaking in before you take it on the field
– Made out of 100% Antique Tobacco Tanned leather
– Been softened with old time ingredients for a soft feel
– Game world look that is ready to play
– Offer an affordable leather reconditioning program to make Shoeless Joe Gloves look like new again

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

The Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series offers gloves for all positions. This is one of the softer and more comfortable gloves that you are going to experience. The Pro Stock leather that is used for these gloves is specifically used for ball gloves long before it gets to your hands. Dual Welting and Super Skin make these some of the most popular baseball gloves amongst pros and recreational players alike. This is a great looking glove that feels incredible. We highly recommend it.


– 12.75” outfielder style glove
– Long lasting breaking in and durable pocket with Dual Welting
– Black and orange tan Pro Stock leather that is durable and extremely soft
– One of the best looking gloves out there for 2019
– A favorite of professional ball players and amateurs alike