Climbing pulleys come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the one you choose might make or break the big wall or cliff climb. There are different types of pulleys to choose from and if you are new to climbing or have never used a pulley you might get confused when they start talking about 2:1 or 3:1.

However, you are here looking for pulley then you probably already have an idea of what you are looking for and therefore, we are going to talk about some of the highest rated pulleys out there for the year.

There are two main kinds of pulleys. The first one is the simple pulley and it is just that, simple. The second kind of pulley is called an auto-locking pulley. In this post we are going to talk about some of the different pulleys that are rated highly. Whether simple or auto-locking, we are going to talk about them. This based on how highly they are rated so we hope this list we provide will give you some good ideas for pulleys that you might want to buy for your next climbing adventure.

Check out our list of best rated pulleys for the year.

Fusion Aluminum Rescue Pulley

The Fusion Aluminum Rescue Pulley is a great choice for many applications including fire rescue, climbing and moving/hoisting. You will get longer life and less wear with the side swing aluminum side plates that have smooth bushings and rounded edges. This pulley also has a large hole in it so multiple carabiners can be attached to it.

For just over $10, you are getting one of the highest rated simple pulleys on the market and this one will continue to flourish throughout the season. You will probably find cheaper pulleys out there for easy jobs but if you want one that will last you for years, pick up the pulley by Fusion.


– Aluminum
– 1 Ekat Micro Pulley
– 1 ½ inch aluminum, fixed aluminum side swing plates with edges that have smoothed and rounded
– MBS: 20 KN – Strength
– Light and small while being durable and strong
– 3.42″ x 2.65″ x 1.5″

Petzl Oscillante Pulley

The Petzl Oscillante Pulley is one of the strongest, yet lightest pulleys out there and it is relatively inexpensive. Would you expect anything less from a Petzl product? This product is simple, yet effective and it holds strong and durable for anyone climbing, hanging, or pulling something. You can take this pulley anywhere you are going. It will always stay reliable and you are getting it at a great cost. Simple and effective is the way you should look at this pulley.


– For emergency use it has a swing-sided pulley
– Easy and quick installation due to swinging side plates
– Aluminum side plate and nylon sheave for excellent strength to weight ratio
– CE/UIAA certified. Efficiency is 71%. Breaking strength is 15kN. Working load is 4kN. Sheave is 25mm
– For use with 7-11mm ropes. Weight 42g

GM CLIMBING UIAA Certified 30kN Swing Cheek Micro Pulley

We love this 30KN swing cheek micro GM climbing pulley. Not only is this pulley easy to carry and small, but it is really well made and equally as durable and functional as the more expensive brands of pulleys. You can use it for all types of activities and it will not fail you. This little pulley deploys quickly. With smooth rotation and durability, this may be one of the last pulleys you ever need to buy.

GM climbing has consistently come out with quality products so it is no surprise to us that this pulley is so highly rated.


– Compact and light micro pulley. This pulley can be used for many different reasons including tree climbing, as a tensioning system, hauling, dragging and in in rescue
– Swing cheek makes the rope removal and installation far easier, which will enable the system setting process.
– Smooth rotation offers maximum mechanical gain.
– Of 30kN is the breaking strength. This pulley will prove to be the only pulley you need
– Compact and light, this micro pulley will fit in your rack and barely take up any space

Pasway Tandem Speed Dual Pulley Zip Line Trolley 30KN with Climbing Mountaineering Buckle Carabiner

The Tandem Speed Dual Pulley Zip Line Trolley by Pasway is a fantastic pully with really high ratings. This dual climbing pulley is durable, fast and lightweight. It’s got aluminum side places with rounded edges that are smoothed out. It’s also got two stainless steel sheaves. For higher speed, safety and efficiency, this pully has sealed stainless steel ball bearings to prevent twisting.


– Extremely safe pulley with double a bearing design for a more safe and stable experience.
– Very Smooth – Concave pulley and polished surface for smooth use with minimal no friction clogging, which provides smooth rotation and effective performance
– Max speed is 35 m/s
– High quality material – durable stainless steel aluminum body and ball bearings.
– Weight is only 280g but the breaking strength goes up to 30kN
– Big holes to easily clip carabiners
– Double steel sheaves work with both cable and textile rope
– Double trolley pulley is awesome for back yard zip lining, rescue applications and mountaineering

Petzl – MOBILE, Versatile Ultracompact Pulley

We’ve got one more Petzl pulley for you guys today and we couldn’t leave this one off because of how highly it is rated. There is nothing special about this pulley. It is simple and effective with high quality materials used for your safety and efficiency. It is extremely lightweight and compact. It is design for all types of activities. There isn’t much to say about Petzl products. They are always


– The minimum rope diameter should be 7 mm
– The maximum rope diameter should be 13 mm
– The sheave diameter should be 21 mm
– Efficiency is 71%
– The working load is 5kN