Ski Tow Ropes

Chances are that if you are considering buying a tow rope for tubing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or skiing, then you probably think it is as easy as finding a length that works for you and calling it a day. The truth of the matter is the search isn’t always that easy and if you are going to be an active skier or participating in water sports regularly, you should know the difference between some of these ropes and know which ones are the top ropes out there today.

Standard rope sizing is going to be around 70 feet and an extra 5 feet with the handle. Generally, water ski ropes are built from polypropylene that stretches about 2 to 3% of where it started. A water ski tow ropes needs to have this flexibility to allow the skier to go from one turn to the other and change their speeds. The give in the tow rope allows for some of the shock to be absorbed as the person skiing goes from one side to the other through the wake of the boat.

All that being said, there are a lot of good options out there and we wanted to share a few of our favorite and some of the best ski tow ropes out there. We hope this list will help you in your decision making process.

RAVE 4-Section Pro Ski Rope

The RAVE 4-Section Pro Ski Rope is a great tow rope for the affordable price of around $20. Not only is this rope durable and sturdy, the handle has great grip on it. If you have weaker hands, the handle on this water ski tow rope is going to be nice on your hands because of the grip. This rope also floats great as well, which is something that you take for granted until you get a rope that just sinks to the bottom when it hits the water. All that being said, this is a great tow rope for the price. It is lightweight, durable and strong and if you are newer to water sports, this is a great rope to start with.


– Pro ski rope
– This four section rope is 75’ long
– Meets or exceeds WSIA standards
– 12 inch NBR Rubber grip and knuckle guards

Wellington V7108KM Braided Polypropylene 4-in-1 Tow Rope

The Wellington V7108KM Braided Polypropylene 4-in-1 Tow Rope is 75 feet of fun and challenges. The Wellington total length of the rope can be used for slalom skiing, combo skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and tubing. You can use this tow road for all of these. This tow rope has a 225 weight load limit for boards and skis and 170 pound weight limit for tubes. The length is easily adjustable and it has an extra wide and great 15 inch handle that has great grip. There is also a reusable storage strap that is included in the package.


– Overall length is 75 feet with four sections
– 75 feet for water skiing
– 60 feet for slalom skiing
– 55 feet for knee and wakeboarding
– 50 feet for tubing
– Cushioned pebble grip is 15 inches wide for slip reduction
– High performance, braided polypropylene for great stretch

Airhead AHWR-1, 2AHS-1100 or 1200 Wakeboard Rope

This is a low stretch rope that offers an affordable, professional water sport rope that you will enjoy for many years. The 15 inch EVA phat grip handle is double the density of most grips and is machined to give the user a superior grip for optimum performance. It has an aluminum core that is durable and high strength, foam floats and 4 inch finger protectors. Get extra pull and leverage for inverted tricks and spins with the TPR covered aluminum handle. The bridle is totally covered in flexible, durable vinyl for protection against wear and abrasion. The low stretch 30 filament 16 strand, 70’ rope has four different section with takeoff loops. This is a great rope and you’ll love it for the price.


– 4 inch finger protectors and foam floats
– Durable aluminum core
– 6 inch TPR covered aluminum handle for inverted and spin tricks
– Comes with a rope keeper

O’Brien 1-Section Floating Deep-V Ski Rope Combo

The O’Brien 1-Section Floating Deep-V Ski Rope Combo comes in at around $50 for this 70 foot rope. This is a great rope for assisting or teaching anyone who is having a hard time doing deep water slalom starts. The bridle section of this rope is vinyl coated for protection from abrasion. All you have to do is rest your ski inside the Deep V and the V hold the skis straight. This rope makes deep water starts much easier. At that point, the rope will pull out from beneath the ski and it will start to act like a regular ski rope. The ski tips will stay in a perfect starting position with the crossbar in the bridle section and it will protect against the crunched knuckles.


– Vinyl coated bridle section
– Deep V to let the V hold the skis straight
– Bridle section has corssbar
– 70 foot mainline with 5 foot detachable
– Aluminum core handle is 12 inches wide
– Rope construction is 16 strand, 40 filament polypropylene

Waterski Ropes and Handles by CWB

These CWB Waterski Ropes and Handles are great. The rope might need to be stretched a bit. You have to be a little bit careful that the rope doesn’t get tangled, however, once the rope gets a little stretch it won’t get tangled. If you are just beginning to slalom ski, this rope is one that will help you get up easier. To our surprise, this rope helped to get up fast and even on the first try for some. That could be the athlete or the rope, but we know for the price, this is a great rope. If you don’t need the extra help getting up, we wouldn’t suggest it.


– 13 inch handle with an elliptical shape to help with fatigue of the hand
– Reduce handle roll with the TPU endcap
– Floating mainline and handle for improved visibility and safety