Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are for people who want kayaks that are easy to control while also having plenty of storage space. Touring kayaks are also excellent for going at higher speeds as they were built specifically to go longer distances. If you know that you want a kayak that is easy to paddle and can take you wherever you need to go, you will definitely want to look into getting a touring kayak.

Modern touring kayaks (also known as sea kayaks) come in many different forms and a huge range of prices. The best ones, regardless of price, will be built to last and will be comfortable to ride in even for many hours at a time. They can be made of different materials, such as plywood or fiberglass, and there are touring kayaks for solo riding and larger kayaks for multiple riders.

It can be pretty tough to find the perfect touring kayak, which is why we have put together a list of some of the best ones on the market today. These kayaks have been tested and approved by experienced kayakers and people who are new to kayaking. Be sure to look through all of the features for each of the touring kayaks on this page to get an idea of what makes each one special.

Perception Kayak Conduit Sit Inside for Recreation

Perception Kayak Conduit Sit Inside Kayak

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Performance and comfort are what you want from a touring kayak, and you get plenty of both from this one from Perception. It has one of the most comfortable seats that you will find in a touring kayak and it was built to perform well on just about any type of water. It is a great looking kayak with plenty of great features, so it’s no surprise that so many people have bought one and loved it.


– Made of a durable polyethylene material
– Enough stability for people who are new to kayaking
– Can be used for speed kayaking if used with longer paddles
– Made for many different water types, including flat water and ocean surf
– Comes in 3 different colors: Heyday, Red Tiger, and Sunset
– 13 feet long, 51 pounds

Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak

Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 Touring Kayak

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This Riot Kayaks touring kayak was designed to be a great boat to ride in for many hours at a time. It has fully adjustable foot and thigh braces to keep you comfortable, while it also features a unique pilot rudder system that gives you full control over each and every movement the kayak makes. To top it all off, the kayak has a great look to it when it is out on the water.


– Made of a durable polyethylene material
– Very fast thanks to the slim bow and deck line
– Adjustable foot and thigh braces for maximum comfort
– Extremely comfortable custom-fit seat
– Pilot rudder system
– Unique yellow and orange design
– 14.5 feet long, 60 pounds

Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 12-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Sun Dolphin 12 Foot Kayak

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Built for both recreational and fishing uses, the Sun Dolphin Aruba SS is an affordable touring kayak that just about everyone would be happy with. It is very simple to control, it is made of high quality materials, and it has plenty of storage space for gear, food, or anything else you want to take with you on the water. It also has a great seat and plenty of leg room, giving buyers a very comfortable ride for hours at a time.


– High density polyethylene material used
– Made to work well on both rivers and lakes
– Covered console for protected storage
– Considered one of the top low-priced touring kayaks available
– Comes in 3 different colors: Lime, Blue, and Red
– 12 feet long, 47 pounds

Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem Sit-On-Top Touring Kayak

Ocean Kayak Zest Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

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This is simply one of the very best tandem touring kayaks that you can get right now. It’s a sit on top design that gives you and someone else plenty of room to move around while also giving you full of control over the boat. The included Comfort Plus seats also ensure that your back will be comfortable even if you are out on the water for many hours at a time. It also has two full storage tanks with extra bungee support. Ocean Kayak has done a fantastic job of creating a touring kayak for two people that is just as great on lakes as it is on surf. Plus, you can even bring along a young child or a pet as the boat can hold up to 600 pounds.


– One of a very few sit on top tandem touring kayaks on the market right now
– 2 fully adjustable Comfort Plus seats included
– Oversized stern tanks gives you plenty of storage space
– Molded in cup holders
– Enough space for two adults and a child or pet
– Comes in 2 different colors: Sunrise and Yellow
– 16 feet long, 75 pounds
– Weight capacity of 600 pounds

Boreal Design Ookpik PE Rudder Touring Kayak

Boreal Design Rudder Touring Kayak

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This kayak from Boreal Design is yet another touring kayak that was designed for both beginners and experienced kayakers. It is a high performance kayak yet it also has excellent stability. You’ll especially like this one if you are looking for a kayak that has a large cockpit that you can move around in as it is one of the largest that you will find. It’s a great touring kayak to get regardless of whether you are looking to ride for fun or so you can go catch some fish out on the lake.


– Recreational kayak that doubles as a touring kayak
– Great amount of control thanks to the company’s highly praised rudder system
– Multiple thigh braces for a more comfortable ride
– Very large cockpit gives you plenty of room to move
– Comes in a sleek blue and white color
– 13 feet long, 60 pounds