Tyler Naquin vs Victor Robles Stats

Naquin has accumulated a batting average of .264 for his time in baseball in addition to 226 scored runs and an OPS of .765. He has struck out 468 times and earned a walk on 117 occasions, which contributes in part to a .318 OBP. In his professional baseball career, Naquin has slapped 61 baseballs out of the park while driving in 237 runs. He has earned a slugging percentage of .448 and he has totaled 743 bases. Over the course of his pro career, he came to bat 1,811 times and has delivered a base hit 439 times.

During the 1,478 official at-bats in his career, Robles has compiled an average at the plate of .233 with 345 base knocks. He has homered 31 times, as well as 531 bases in total and a .359 slugging percentage. Robles has tallied a free base 98 times while being called out on strikes on 400 tries. He has accrued 195 runs in addition to having earned 146 RBIs. His on-base percentage is .306 and he has a lifetime OPS of .666.

Tyler Naquin vs Victor Robles Stats

Tyler NaquinCareerVictor Robles
557Games Played480
1,811Plate Appearances1,675
61Home Runs31
237Runs Batted In146
20Stolen Bases58
13Caught Stealing23
.264Batting Average.233
.318On-Base Percentage.306
.448Slugging Percentage.359
743Total Bases531
29Grounded Into Double Plays20
18Hit By Pitch63

So far this season, Tyler Naquin has knocked in 46 runs and also has accrued a slugging percentage of .423. He is sitting with an on-base percentage of .282 in addition to 19 free passes and 93 K’s. Naquin has earned 131 bases in total with 71 base knocks in 310 at-bats. He is sitting with a batting average when batting of .229 in addition to holding an OPS of .705. He has tallied 47 runs this season and has hit 11 balls out of the park.

Over the course of this year, Victor Robles has knocked in 33 runs and also has tallied a slugging percentage of .311. He has amassed an OBP of .273 with 17 free passes and 104 K’s. Robles is sitting with 114 total bases with 82 hits in 366 at-bats. He is sitting with a batting average of .224 while having an OPS of .584. He has scored 42 runs on the year and has drilled 6 balls out of the park.

Tyler Naquin (2022)StatVictor Robles (2022)
105Games Played132
334Plate Appearances407
47Runs Scored42
11Home Runs6
46Runs Batted In33
4Stolen Bases15
2Caught Stealing4
.229Batting Average.224
.282On-Base Percentage.273
.423Slugging Percentage.311
131Total Bases114
3Grounded Into Double Play3
4Hit By Pitch9