Water Ski Racks

Summer never seems close enough but when that time comes, the water sports begin. No matter how you look at it, once summer hits, you are going to want to be out there on the water enjoying the beautiful weather. You’ve most likely already bought your water skis but what do you do with them when you’re done for the day? This is where water ski racks come into play.

We know you’d rather be out on the lake than spending you day sifting through all the different water skis and accessories because they are just laying around. A water ski rack is the perfect solution for that issue. Thanks to water ski racks you can keep your skis and accessories separated from the rest of the gear. However, you’ll have to decide what kind of rack you’d like to use.

Because of this issue, we wanted to help out with a list of some of our favorite and high rated water ski racks out there for 2019. These racks will help you to save space and time. There are different style of racks so you read the descriptions and features and see which one fits you best. We hop you enjoy our list of the best water ski racks of 2019.

Organized Living Activity Organizer Ski Rack

If you are looking for a simple wall rack that can hold one set of skis, the Organized Living Activity Organizer Ski Rack is a great option for you and it comes it a mere $18. This rack will keep your skis away from harm for the lifetime of the skis. This rack is easily mounted on the wall or to the Activity Organizer Wire Grid which is sold separately. This will make for a secure and safe storage solution for your snow or water skis. Each of these racks will hold one pair of skis and is made of steel with an epoxy coating that is durable and sleek. You can’t count on this product lasting for many years.


– Made with much more steel than most systems
– Very easy to install to a wall or on the Activity Organizer Grid
– Easy to adjust and you don’t need tools
– You can hang one set of skis and two poles for the snow
– Safe for the home by using coatings and paints that are low emitting

Water Ski Wall Storage Rack by StoreYourBoard

The Water Ski Wall Storage Rack by StoreYourBoard is a great and versatile rack to use for any of your outdoor skiing and boarding activities. There are three levels to this rack so you can hold plenty of equipment. This simple and effective design will be a great addition to you home. It is lightweight and durable. Made of ABS plastic, this rack can hold a lot of gear. It’s easy to install and light, but still can hold up to 45 pounds of equipment.

In addition to being sturdy, the versatility is great. First of all, you can paint this to match any theme you want to in the house our garage. Secondly, because each side of the rack can be installed separately, you can create enough space between the two sections to fit whatever you need it to fit.


– Depending on binding size, can hold up to two pairs of water skis
– Can also hold accessories
– Heavy duty design
– Easy and quick mounting

Protek Indoor Outdoor Ski Storage

The Protek Indoor/Outdoor Rack Cradle is a great option for a plethora of sports. This includes paddle boards, surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards and water skis to name a few. This wonderful cradle rack will keep your water sports products out of the way and stored nicely until the next time you use it. It is built of 2mm thick steel tubing and has inner electrophoresis with an outer powder coating.

To mount this rack, you only need the three mounting screws and a wall anchor and you can hold up to 120 lbs. of equipment in this minimalistic storage rack. We say that if you want to have a subtle rack that will hold a lot of weight, choose this one. However, there is no separation in this rack so if you are putting more than one set of skis in it, they will be sitting on one another.


– Made in the USA
– Built with 2mm steel tubing with inner electrophoresis and powder coating on the outside
– Easy to install

StoreYourBoard Omni Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Rack

StoreYourBoard has another great product that we love called the Omni Ski and Snowboard Wall Storage Rack. This rack holds up to 10 pairs of skis and can be mounted almost anywhere. While it talks about snow equipment in the title, this rack is also great for water sports equipment. You are looking at a price tag of around $60 but if you have a family of skiers, this rack can hold everything you need it to.

This rack is constructed of heavy duty steel and can hold up to 200 lbs. of ski equipment. There are five different storage attachments that can be used. Each of these pieces are 12 inches long with a ¾ inch wide openings to hold a snowboard or 2 skis.


– Constructed with heavy duty steel and can hold up to 200 lbs.
– Five attachments
– You can customize your storage options with custom set ups
– Built to last

FallLine Ski Storage Rack

The FallLine Ski Storage Rack is a very sturdy and free standing rack that will do the job you need it to. No need for mounting this rack or drilling holes in your walls with the free standing rack. It is made with a heavy duty polyurethane compound and is made to withstand the daily demands of ski areas and rental houses. However, you can have this industrial storage product for your home. The Parabolic XL Ski Rack can hold up to six pairs of fat/parabolic skis. You can use it as a standalone unit or interlock it with another storage rack. It is really stable and only requires two free standing adapters for every two racks.


– Free standing configuration is great for the condo, cabin, garage and home
– Built of heavy duty polyurethane material
– Holds six sets of skis