Aaron Nesmith Stats

In the matter of sharing the ball, Nesmith has 125 assists, in addition to putting up 83 steals and 42 blocks. He has an average of 3.8 boards in addition to 1.3 assists per outing. He has accrued 456 rebounds in total so far in his career by grabbing 359 defensive and 97 of the offensive variety. Sitting with an eFG% of 52.0%, he has also accrued 118 giveaways and accounted for 365 personal fouls. Nesmith has tallied a 83.5% percentage from the free throw line by knocking down 142 out of 170 shots. He has compiled a 53.5% 2pt shooting percentage of by way of burying 199 of 372 shots. With 496 three point attempts so far in his career, he has accrued a shooting percentage of 33.9% by knocking down 168 of those shots. Stepping onto the court with a shooting percentage of 42.3%, Nesmith has knocked down 367 shots of his 868 tries. He averages 1.6 dimes, snags 5.9 boards and accounts for 13.4 per 36 mins. Nesmith is sitting with 1,044 pts during his NBA career, is averaging 6.5 points/G and got the starting nod in 55 games. Aaron Nesmith has a tally of 2,802 minutes and has participated in 161 games during his career.

Aaron Nesmith Stats


2022-23 Stats for Aaron Nesmith

StatValueNBA Rank
Games Started51112th
Minutes Played1,559146th
Field Goals Made217172nd
Field Goals Attempted508140th
Field Goal Percentage42.7%351st
3-Pointers Made97107th
3-Pointers Attempted27399th
3-Point Percentage35.5%217th
2-Point Field Goals Made120199th
2-Point Field Goals Attempted235187th
2-Point Field Goal Percentage51.1%322nd
eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)52.3%303rd
Free Throws Made99136th
Free Throws Attempted116151st
Free Throw Percentage85.3%99th
Offensive Rebounds54147th
Defensive Rebounds186151st
Total Rebounds240156th
Personal Fouls2088th
Total Points630150th
Points Per Game10.0167th
Rebounds Per Game3.8191st
Assists Per Game1.3268th
Steals Per Game0.8160th
Blocks Per Game0.4146th

2021-22 Stats for Aaron Nesmith

StatTotalNBA Rank
Games Started3435th
Minutes Played574407th
Field Goals Made3877th
Field Goals Attempted182408th
Field Goal Percentage39.6%569th
3-Pointers Made31326th
3-Pointers Attempted115294th
3-Point Percentage27.0%537th
2-Point Field Goals Made41445th
2-Point Field Goals Attempted67462nd
2-Point Field Goal Percentage61.2%128th
eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)48.1%552nd
Free Throws Made21439th
Free Throws Attempted26456th
Free Throw Percentage80.8%269th
Offensive Rebounds15464th
Defensive Rebounds74406th
Total Rebounds89427th
Personal Fouls70872nd
Total Points196780th
Points Per Game3.8633rd
Rebounds Per Game1.7600th
Assists Per Game0.4535th
Steals Per Game0.4677th
Blocks Per Game0.1584th

2020-21 Stats for Aaron Nesmith

StatTotalNBA Rank
Games Started1509th
Minutes Played669360th
Field Goals Made3913th
Field Goals Attempted178393rd
Field Goal Percentage43.8%364th
3-Pointers Made40263rd
3-Pointers Attempted108280th
3-Point Percentage37.0%228th
2-Point Field Goals Made38431st
2-Point Field Goals Attempted70436th
2-Point Field Goal Percentage54.3%241st
eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)55.1%224th
Free Throws Made22426th
Free Throws Attempted28434th
Free Throw Percentage78.6%315th
Offensive Rebounds28282nd
Defensive Rebounds99320th
Total Rebounds127323rd
Personal Fouls87960th
Total Points218806th
Points Per Game4.7714th
Rebounds Per Game2.8799th
Assists Per Game0.5624th
Steals Per Game0.3677th
Blocks Per Game0.2748th